You have been in exile for much of your life. Perhaps you committed a crime or were aligned with the losing side of a political conflict. Whatever the reason, you were cast out from your hometown and not allowed to return. Besides being forced from your home, your possessions were forfeited. You have since lived in the wilderness, apart from society, and have developed survival skills. If you return to the society that exiled you, any citizen of that society can legally kill you on sight.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
  • Tool Proficiencies: Your choice of cook’s utensils, leatherworker’s tools, potter’s wheel, or weaver’s tools
  • Equipment: A set of common clothes or hides, stone knife, sharp stick, gourd, and one random item you have found or been given, such as a stool, tinder box, waterskin, or other item of 5 gp value or less.


You committed a crime, were wrongfully accused, or belonged to a particular group that has been expelled from your homeland. Perhaps you were a member of an outlawed cult, committed manslaughter, offended the patriarch of your family, or were affiliated with a rebellion. Perhaps your hometown was conquered by an invading army and your entire family, social class, or tribe was cast into the wilderness.

Roll on the table below to determine the reason for your exile, or choose one that best fits your character.

d6 Flaw
1 My competitive nature causes conflict with friends
2 If I have to choose between my friends and my athletic career, I will choose my career
3 I like the spotlight and am not a team player
4 I have a weakness that sabotages me during major sporting events
5 I aggressively confront all potential challengers
6 I won an event due to an unfair advantage, and I’m ok with that.
d10 Reason
1 Member of an illegal cult
6 Deceiving the courts (Greece)
2 Murder (Rome or Greece)
7 Theft, 3rd offense (Greece)
3 Unfilial conduct (Egypt)
8 Manslaughter (exile ends when the victim’s family forgives you)
4 Political conflict
9 Embezzling from the government (Persia)
5 Attempted murder 10 Forgery (Rome)

Feature: Hard Scrabble

Living Your time in the wilderness has taught you many subsistence skills. While in the same terrain type that you were exiled in, you can spend 2 hours searching to automatically find food, water, and shelter sufficient for yourself and up to five companions each day. In addition, you have adapted to life in the wild and developed a preternatural sense. When feral animals sense a dangerous change in the environment, such as an impending storm or earthquake, so do you.

Variant Feature: Stranger in a Strange Land

You have found a new community to live in, far from the land that exiled you. Your exile may be a secret that you conceal with lies. You learn a new language of your choice, gain a new identity, and meet new acquaintances. You also know how to navigate this foreign society and can barter with locals to obtain basic food and lodging for yourself and up to five companions. Suggested Characteristics Being exiled is a traumatic experience that leaves deep emotional scars and can incite feelings of guilt, remorse, or revenge. While some exiles accept their situation and try to deal with it, others cling to the past and refuse to accept their fate. Variant: Out OF Exile You have completed your penance and are allowed to return to decent society. Perhaps the political winds have changed or your victim’s family has forgiven you. Perhaps it has been revealed that you were wrongly accused. Whatever the reason, the verdict in your case has been overturned and you are allowed to return home. However, the stigma of your past still haunts you.

d8 Personality
1 I will never forget what life was like before exile. I frequently reminisce and maintain traditions.
2 I still worry about my family and friends back home.
3 Despite my exile, I am still fiercely loyal to my community.
4 I have learned a great deal from my time in the wilderness.
5 My hard life in exile has left me with no desire for material possessions.
6 With nothing left to lose, I can take every risk.
7 I never liked those people anyway.
8 If I can handle exile, I can handle anything.
d6 Ideal
1 Honor. Honestly, I deserve to be exiled (Lawful).
2 Freedom. Liberated from the constraints of society, I am finally free to do as I please.
3 People. I am loyal to my kin and my tribe, not an ideal.
4 Political. I believe in my political positions and will die for them.
5 Redemption. Exile has helped me see the good in everyone.
6 Aspiration. I will find a way to return home.
d6 Bond
1 Exile has made me aware of a great evil only I can destroy.
2 I deeply value the friends I still have.
3 The hovel I live in is the only thing of value I have.
4 I’ve realized this is a better life and I never want to return to civilization.
5 My crimes were committed for the sake of the common good.
6 I owe my life to the person helped me when I was first exiled.
d6 Flaw
1 I wish to punish those responsible for my exile.
2 I resent all of civilization.
3 Now that I am exiled, I can do whatever I want.
4 They should have exiled me long ago; I’ve done so many bad things.
5 My testimony would have exonerated an innocent man, but I remained silent and he got exiled too.
6 I am suspicious of everyone, especially those who seek me out.
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