Experiment Origin

Origins vs. Backgrounds

The origin described below applies to characters in modern, super-heroic settings.

Deviants are the result of a variety of different events. While the Rise is responsible for bringing deviants to the forefront, there are a multitude of other reasons why people gained these powers.

This takes on the form of The Rise speeding up evolution in some, changing and mutating a creature on a molecular level, or supercharging someone during an accident that would otherwise be a mundane issue. Because of this, they come from a multitude of different origins. Some may gain the powers from being bitten by a radioactive insect, their keen intellect and wealth may allow them to create powerful suits of armor, or they are the result of laboratory experiments to create the ultimate soldier. The origins of heroes are nearly endless. Thus, it makes for an opportunity to build on your character’s story and powers.

It’s important to note that while the origin of your character’s powers grants them extraordinary gifts, it’s not the only thing that defines them.


The scientific world is one of experimentation and augmentation. Tests and trials are important in developing solid new solutions to myriad issues plaguing the world. This is important and laudable work, and in order to move forward as a society, many believe scientific experimentation is necessary. No one said that such research is always safe and easy, though. Oftentimes, the research seeking a cure for a debilitating disease or developing robust mechanical implants to enhance human senses comes with high risk in the hopes of gaining a rewarding solution.

The experimental hero is the result of this morally grey companionship of risk and scientific advancement. They could be a victim of underground experimentation or a courageous volunteer for legally sanctioned testing. Whether from the fields of genetic engineering, biomechanical implantation, or something else entirely, some obtain their abilities as side-effects of the intended solutions, while for others, the added abilities were the goal from the beginning.

Experiments Traits

Experimental heroes come in all different varieties, styles, and methods of experimentation. A hero’s abilities stemming from genetic alterations have resulted in enhanced base physical performance and increased vitality. Another such type of genetic experimentation has been reported to increase mental capacity and reasoning capabilities. Some cybernetic experimentation has been utilized to supplement and further enhance an individual’s natural abilities of sight and hearing for covert operations; however, this is of the more subtle methods. More obtrusive cybernetic augmentation has provided individuals with additional functioning limbs for greater balance and nimbleness. Some have even gone so far as to directly fuse biomechanical weaponry to their bodies. Some abilities are even unintended reactions from other solutions. An individual undergoing a trial to help cure a rare fatal disease was unintentionally supercharged with the ability to shift their physical form at will.

Whether from a superhero serum, cybernetic enhancements, or another lab-related process, these heroes are as varied as the solutions that the scientists are attempting to resolve.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1. Choose one of the following further augmentations: Balanced, Physical, or Mental.

Balanced. Increase two different ability scores by 1.

Physical. Your Strength score increases by 2, or your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Mental. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, or your Wisdom score increases by 2.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Languages. Common

Enhanced Perception. You gain proficiency in Wisdom (Perception). In addition, your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses Perception.

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