Farming is among the most common professions. Most rural people live on a farm or work on someone else’s. You were raised on a farm, learning the ways of animals, plants, and seasons. You know how to survive harsh winters and cultivate crops and herds. You might be one of a dozen siblings working a small, rented plot or the scion of a large landowner with hundreds of acres under cultivation. Most farmers are somewhere between those extremes, owning a few acres and some livestock that support their families and provide a small surplus for the market.

  • Skill Proficiencies. Animal Handling, Nature
  • Tool Proficiencies. Your choice of two of the following: any gaming set, any musical instrument, brewer’s supplies, carpenter’s tools, cook’s utensil, leatherworker’s tools, potter’s tools, or weaver’s tools
  • Equipment. A set of common clothes; a sickle, hayfork, or shovel; a cart worth 7 gp, livestock and crops worth 10 gp


Although your farm may have a variety of animals and crops, you primarily focus on one type of agriculture. You may be a shepherd, a swineherd, a wheat farmer or some other agriculturist. Roll on the table below to determine your agricultural specialty, or choose one that best fits your character.

Feature: One Of The People

You can earn trust and temporary lodging at any farmhouse by simply offering your skills and labor for 2 hours. Help a fellow farmer finish up her daily chores, and she will likely give you a hot meal and a place to sleep. You can also use these relations to gain other small favors and assistance, such as hiding in the wagon to sneak into town, or information on local rumors.

d12 Specialty
1-2 Cattle
3-4 Goats/sheep
5 Swine
6-8 Staple crops
9 Fruit/vegetables
10-11 Foul
12 Exotic or sacrificial animals/pets

Suggested Characteristics

The daily grind of fieldwork takes its toll on a person. Farmers tend to be cooperative and communal with their neighbors, but isolationist and distrustful of outsiders.

d8 Personality
1 I know the lore of the farm/herd; let me tell you about it.
2 Whenever I visit a new place, I always notice the crops, animals, and soil.
3 My farm is a business and I’m trying to expand.
4 Early to bed, early to rise; I get more done before 6 AM than the army.
5 I prefer stability, consistency, and predictability, like the seasons.
6 I am competitive with other farmers and always try to have the biggest and best produce at harvest time.
7 I am more comfortable around plants and animals than people.
8 I see omens in weather patterns and animal behaviors.
d6 Ideal
1 Family. My family and community need to eat. (Good)
2 Nature. By cultivating our crops and herds, we reap a thriving harvest. (Lawful)
3 Simplicity. The simple life provides all the necessities. (Neutral)
4 Tradition. Family, friends, work, and fun, these are the best ways to fill the passing seasons. (Neutral)
5 Community. I always help my neighbors, you never know when you may need a favor returned. (Good)
6 Exploitation. I extract every last bit of value from my land and herds. (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 My family is tied to this land.
2 I will do anything to protect my farm.
3 My farm was destroyed by raiders or monsters. I will avenge it.
4 I am saving up to buy an estate with extensive farmland.
5 My farm is deep in debt and must be saved from the creditors.
6 I know the secrets of a strong harvest. I just need the right plot of land to settle down on.
d6 Flaw
1 I distrust people who don’t do honest labor.
2 I do things my way or I don’t do them at all.
3 I have what I need to survive, I don’t need anyone else.
4 I am quick to assume someone is trying to take advantage of me.
5 I am superstitious for good reason. My predictions are almost always right!
6 I would kill to expand my farm into an estate.
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