Freak Accident Origin

Origins vs. Backgrounds

The origin described below applies to characters in modern, super-heroic settings.

Deviants are the result of a variety of different events. While the Rise is responsible for bringing deviants to the forefront, there are a multitude of other reasons why people gained these powers.

This takes on the form of The Rise speeding up evolution in some, changing and mutating a creature on a molecular level, or supercharging someone during an accident that would otherwise be a mundane issue. Because of this, they come from a multitude of different origins. Some may gain the powers from being bitten by a radioactive insect, their keen intellect and wealth may allow them to create powerful suits of armor, or they are the result of laboratory experiments to create the ultimate soldier. The origins of heroes are nearly endless. Thus, it makes for an opportunity to build on your character’s story and powers.

It’s important to note that while the origin of your character’s powers grants them extraordinary gifts, it’s not the only thing that defines them.

Freak Accident

In a world of many dangers – from lab accidents to natural disasters and cosmic energies to chemical waste – some accidents are prone to happen. From time to time, a poor soul will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, sealing their fate as another cautionary tale and resetting the “Days Since Last Accident” board to zero. However, some live to tell the tale, and even fewer emerge with unique and impressive new abilities. Whether they be from freak lightning storms, chemical containment gone wrong, a burst of cosmic radiation, or a combination several such harrowing events, some individuals have been known to develop strange supernatural abilities because of their accidental victimhood. Being able to shoot lightning out of one’s fingertips as a result of a life-threatening lightning strike may seem like a great outcome, but it is important to remember that these are still victims that experienced traumatizing and life-altering events.

Freak Accident Traits

The freak accident an individual was involved in manifests in strange and unpredictable ways. For one individual, an out-of-control Tesla coil in their lab resulted in their ability to attract metallic objects to their body. Another person claims that one too many regulatory workplace violations occurring at once created the perfect conditions for the chemical compound leak resulting in their ability to spontaneously combust on command without getting hurt. One individual claim to have gotten their telekinetic abilities when hit with a specific amount of rogue cosmic radiation during a hailstorm at a lab experimenting on magnetic fields; however, some dispute the scientific viability of this origin story. Other various reported abilities include redirecting lightning from out of the air, manipulating magnetic pulses to gain flight, and camouflaging one’s skin to blend in with their surroundings. If they are going to go through a traumatic, life-altering event, they might as well have some supernatural abilities to show for it.

Ability Score Increase. Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Languages. Common

Innate Skills. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.

Innate Power. Choose one 1st level superpower.

You know that power and can activate it at its lowest level. Once you activate this power, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again. This power does not count against your number of powers known.

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