Free Scion

You had the best of everything growing up, and you’ve never had to go without. Most of your life was probably planned out for you before you could walk. The upside, one that might take a while to become apparent, is that NOW there’s no one making your decisions for you. You can write their own destiny now, and for the first time, you don’t know where your future will lead you, a kind of freedom that feels totally alien to you.

Skill Proficiencies: History, and either Insight or Persuasion.

Tool Proficiencies: One set of artisan’s tools (your choice), and a musical instrument

Equipment: Well-made clothes, the latest gadgets, credit card

Feature: The One to Know

You are hypersensitive to social milieus and pick up on little details of behavior very quickly. Whenever you’re in a novel social situation, you may ask the GM for a brief overview of the social network and power structure of the venue — specifically, who the movers and shakers within it are. Cozying up to them is another story, but you can always pick the important people out of the crowd immediately.

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