Gifted Psychic

You have the gift of Second Sight, the psychic power to see the past and/or predict the future.

This may be respected in your native culture, or the reason you became an outcast. You may need to use physical tools to aid your predictions, or rely solely on your psychic intuition. Whatever your method, you usually preface your predictions by placing your hands to your temples (or over your tools) while intoning, “I see…” or “I sense…” This may or may not be for theatrical reasons, but may help you concentrate and bring your psychic vision into focus.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception.

Tool Proficiencies: Fortune telling kit (any two).

Equipment: A set of fortune teller clothes (cultural, religious, or theatrical), two tools of the fortune telling method(s) of your choice (crystal ball, knucklebones, rune stones, tarot cards, etc.), and a pouch containing 15 gp gained from your consultations with past clients.


You are a professional fortune teller and may earn a comfortable (perhaps even wealthy) living as one during your adventuring downtime.

Suggested Characteristics

Psychics are colorful, sometimes tragic characters often lumped in with charlatans. Certainly some are, but you are not.

Choose or roll 1d6 on the table below to determine how you view and use your psychic gift:

Variant Gifted Psychic: Psychic Fraud

You are a professional fortune teller but have no psychic gift; you are simply a master of psychology, manipulating people by telling them what they want to hear so they give you what you want. You are adept at running cons to bilk clients of their fortunes, and may also conduct fake séances or put on traveling “spook shows”. Psychic frauds often aspire to found their own spiritualist cult to create a stable income as well as to gain fame and influence over the rich and powerful.

If you choose this variant, you must swap your Perception skill proficiency for Deception instead.

d6 Characteristic
1 I resent and hide my gift, and wish I could be normal.
2 I use my gift to help others and solve crimes, never for coin or selfish gain.
3 I suffer debilitating headaches (1 level of exhaustion) whenever I get a psychic vision.
4 I sometimes see the horrors of the past or present through a villain’s eyes and suffer horrible nightmares for 1d3 days afterward (1 level of exhaustion per day).
5 I only share happy predictions with clients and hide any darkness I see. The last time I told a client about something like that, they died or suffered some tragedy I feel I could have prevented if only I had not told them the truth.
6 I revel in how special my gift makes me and flaunt it at every opportunity.
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