Green Thumb

You know everything there is to know about anything green, from shrubs, to flowers, to giant redwood trees. You can concoct a remedy from every herb, discern which timber is best for furniture making, coax grass to grow on a rock, and spot a poisonous plant from ten paces away. You could have developed this expertise in a number of different ways, including the following:

d6 Background Path
1 You farmed, growing prize winning produce.
2 You ran a nursery; cross-breeding rare flowers was your specialty.
3 You were the groundskeeper for a rich noble and tended the rose garden.
4 You developed and cultivated a unique strain of tobacco for your tobacco shop. 5 You collected herbs and created tinctures and poultices for the local apothecary.
6 You have a fey ancestor- an affinity for all things green literally runs in your blood.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit

Languages: One of your choice from among the standard languages

Equipment: An herbalism kit, a sickle, a well-preserved dried and pressed rose, a handful of seeds, a tattered journal with charcoal sketches of various plants, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch containing 5 gp

Feature: Salves and Tinctures for What Ails You

As long as you have access to plant life, you can create and sell herbal salves and tinctures during downtime to maintain a modest lifestyle without paying 1gp per day. These herbal remedies treat sea sickness, morning sickness, bug bites, heat rash, poison ivy, indigestion, and a variety of minor annoyances.


Feature: Tool Turned Weapon

Your gardening implements are an extension of yourself. You know how to use them to till the soil as well as cause injury. You can use your proficiency bonus when using any hoe, spade, shovel, or mattock as an improvised weapon to attack. These implements deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage, weigh 3 pounds, and have the two-handed weapon property.

Suggested Characteristics

d6 Personality Trait
1 My breath smells like mint leaves.
2 I can name every plant in the forest.
3 I’m always gnawing on a blade of grass.
4 No one can whip up a tastier salad than I can.
5 I enjoy nothing more than rich soil and growing my own food.
6 I’m a strict vegetarian. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to eat dead animal flesh when there’s so much variety to choose from in the plant kingdom.
d6 Ideal
1 Abundance. I have the power to abolish hunger. (Good)
2 Creation. If I can grow something, I can sustain myself. (Any)
3 Experimentation. I created the tastiest product when I crossed two seemingly incompatible vegetables. (Chaotic)
4 Precision. Every plant has a specific set of needs that must be met for it to flourish. I must be precise in my selection of soil, light, and moisture conditions. (Lawful)
5 Profit. If I can create the most beautiful variety of rose and sell it for an exorbitant price, that works for me. It doesn’t matter that it only blooms for a day and then dies because I’ll be long gone after the sale. (Evil)
6 Symbiosis. When the sun, soil, and water conditions are right, plants flourish. When plants flourish, the animal kingdom does too, and so do I. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I can be happy living anywhere there is fertile soil.
2 I concentrate best when I’m chewing on teaberry leaves.
3 I treasure a perfectly preserved pressed rose from my first love.
4 I always have a trowel on me for digging up edible roots along the road.
5 Something about the feel of the sun’s warmth on my face and the sound of raindrops makes me giddy.
6 I would never part with my silver harvesting sickle. It was blessed by the druids of my home village.
d6 Flaw
1 My fingernails are always caked with dirt.
2 I’m constantly picking at my teeth with a sliver of wood.
3 I only buy flawless produce- if it’s not perfect, I don’t want it.
4 The knees of my pants are torn and stained. I can’t keep any clothes nice.
5 I badmouth anyone I know involved with wanton destruction of forested areas.
6 I’ve used my knowledge of harmful plants to keep my rival in the latrine all day, and I didn’t feel an ounce of remorse!
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