You served as one of the Celtic grove tenders. Apprentices to the great druids, you were responsible for maintaining and protecting the divine groves deep within the forests of Gaul.

Since the conquests, the Romans have sought to root out the remaining groves and see them burned and salted to ensure the druids never return. You were a protector of one of these final groves, yet despite the best efforts of you and your fellow tenders, the Legionary Battle Mages saw to it that your grove met the same fate as so many before it. As one of the last living Grovetenders you hold within you the future of the ancient druidic circles and represent a last chance for their restoration. Your past must be kept secret when in Roman territory, lest the Battle Mages seek you out to finish their purge.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Animal Handling

Languages: Two of your choice.

Equipment: A set of earth tone common clothing, a walking stick with an elaborate druidic carving, one day’s rations, and a bag containing 5 gold coins. Feature: Child of the Forest

You have an unnatural ability to traverse the forests of the world. While within a forest you gain the following benefits: You cannot become lost except by magical means.

When foraging for food you are able to forage twice as much as you normally could. Anyone trying to track you gains disadvantage on their rolls.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I seek the company of like-minded folk.
2 I am eager to spread my knowledge and will happily share with those who wish to learn.
3 I get nervous when I am not in the safety of the forest.
4 I am dour and mournful.
5 I am quite stingy with my knowledge and share it only with those I deem worthy.
6 I prefer the company of trees to people.
d6 Ideal
1 Protection: Nature is no longer able to defend itself and we must step in to keep it safe.
2 Growth: For too long the trees have been felled and silenced, it is time for an age of growth.
3 Unity: The lone tree has no grove its own.
4 Sacrifice: Sometimes the trees must be watered with the blood of those who would fell them.
5 Peace: The engines of war require great amounts of wood to flourish.
6 Safety: To be secure in our own groves.
d6 Bond
1 The forest itself.
2 My mentor who inducted me into the ways of grove tending.
3 A particular forest spirit with whom I am close.
4 My family that I rarely get to see.
5 My duty to the forest.
6 A particularly large tree that I have watched over for many years.
d6 Flaw
1 I am hot-headed and quick to anger.
2 I am lazy and slow to rouse.
3 I am a coward and keep to the safety of the trees.
4 I am resentful to the towns and cities for the toll they take on nature.
5 I often misunderstand social situations.
6 I am slow to trust outsiders.
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