Imperial Conscript

You served in the Imperial Army just before the shattering of the Imperial Dynasty. Conscripted from your home at a young age you joined thousands of others pulled from across the vast Empire in service to central Imperial authority. The Imperial Army was a skilled, professional organization with a long and storied history. Service was once synonymous with honor, but in their last decades the Imperial Army became remembered only for their brutality and ruthless efficiency in rooting out all those who the Emperor’s paranoia turned against. Throughout the warring kingdoms the former conscripts are met with hostility and distrust. Many warlords outright refuse their service, with the notable exception of Queen Dai of Wei, who has gathered many of these lost soldiers to form an elite corps within her new kingdom’s army. Many others have left the borders of the old Empire to sell their services elsewhere, with some finding luck in distant lands where their professional soldiery is appreciated.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Animal Handling

Tool Proficiencies: Proficiency with Go board, Vehicles (land)

Equipment: A seal of the Fallen Empire, a Go board with pieces, a set of crimson soldier’s clothing, and a pouch containing 15 gold coins. Feature: Soldier of the Fallen Empire

As a soldier of a now fallen Empire many within the new Kingdoms do not recognize your former rank and may react with hostility or fear. Loyalists and other former Imperial soldiers may still respect your seal and offer aid and shelter.

Suggested Characteristics

With their Emperor dead and their army broken many former Conscripts find themselves lost in a world that despises them. Others have found new purpose as they put their training to use where they can. Others still hide all trace of their former service and seek to distance themselves from the Empire they had no choice but to serve.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am haunted by the failures of the past.
2 I boast about my great military feats and sometimes other people’s.
3 I feel bitter resentment towards the symbols of the old Empire.
4 I protect the weak, no matter the cost.
5 I’ll fight any battle anywhere for the right coin.
6 I’ll never draw my blade first and only do so in defense.
7 I am quick to anger and quicker to draw blades.
8 I am filled with hatred for those who broke the Empire.
d6 Ideal
1 Revenge: I seek to cruelly punish those who have wronged me.
2 Duty: Though the name of the Imperial Army is tarnished I strive to uphold our ancient values.
3 Glory: I wish to see the restoration of the Empire and the warring kingdoms united.
4 Honor: I seek to find a worthy cause to fight for.
5 Protector: No matter where I am, I strive to help those in need.
6 Consumed by loss, I wander the lands a broken warrior, fighting, stealing, and killing as I need.
d6 Bond
1 I have kept my service weapon in pristine condition, it remains an extension of myself.
2 My horse is my closest companion.
3 I remain in contact with other former soldiers from my unit, they are like family to me.
4 The Imperial Seal I still carry, forever marking me as a member of the Empire.
5 My superior officer from my time in service, they offer sage advice.
6 My family, whom I miss dearly.
d6 Flaw
1 Even when in service, I worked poorly with others. I find it hard to make connections.
2 I am stubborn to a dangerous fault.
3 I lie even when there is no need to do so.
4 My belief in the Empire often causes me to get into fights when I hear others cheering its fall.
5 I am bad with directions and often get lost.
6 I am absent-minded and will sometimes forget to do regular tasks.
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