Judicial Champion

You serve the law, acting as judge, jury, and executioner in matters of trial by combat for your village, town, or city. Or perhaps you roam the realm, hearing cases and presiding over trials in more remote areas of the countryside where you act as the voice of the regime, meting out justice as you see fit. You’ve studied history and law as much as you’ve learned to wield your weapon, and you consider yourself the authority in such matters.

Additional responsibilities include protecting judges and court officials, detention and transport of prisoners, and delivering summons and warrants.

Trials by combat, public floggings, and even literal executions might also fall to you.

The court expects you to uphold your duties and act lawfully when you display or announce your position. Still, judicial champions face moral quandaries, such as upholding sentences they feel are unjust and criminals attempting to work the system through bribery and extortion.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from History, Intimidation, Perception, and Sense Motive

Languages: Two of your choice

Equipment: A brooch identifying you as a judicial champion of the local court, a writ of authority from your government, a set of fine clothes, a set of manacles, a key to the local jail, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Voice Of Authority

You carry yourself with an authoritative air. When you speak, people listen, and your voice carries weight in matters of law. You can gain an audience with the captain of the guard or the primary authority on law and order in whatever town you’re in (though they are under no obligation to capitulate to your will).

You can also easily make acquaintance with local judges, law enforcement agents, legal arbitrators, and criminals. All these connections provide a broad range of informational access, legal support, and a modicum of social privilege.

Additionally, you can detain citizens for questioning and even call for arrest, provided you establish a relation to local court activities.

Suggested Characteristics

Judicial Champions may serve a crown, a parliament, or answer directly to the people. Their loyalties may lie with their ruler, the law, or themselves. Their motivations may differ, but all judicial champions hold the fate of multitudes in their hands. While some try to keep to the path of righteousness, others may fall to corruption, greed, and manipulation.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I take my duty seriously and consider my position a mark of pride.
2 I view profanity as base and beneath me.
3 I strive to deliver justice in a way that is both fair and merciful.
4 I consider authority figures worthy of unquestioning respect.
5 Public displays of affection make me uncomfortable.
6 I can’t help but get sucked into arguments about philosophy and law, whether real or theoretical.
7 I have a fondness for sweets and often overindulge.
8 I speak with impeccable grammar to demonstrate my education and virtue.
d6 Ideal
1 Law. Law and order are the cornerstones of a civilized society. Without them, we are no better than animals. (Lawful)
2 Battle. Combat separates the righteous from the immoral. A loss in battle indicates a weak sense of self. (Chaotic)
3 Power. Prowess in combat is but a path to authority. Those with such power should not be afraid to wield it. (Neutral)
4 Victory. Winning is more important than integrity. (Evil)
5 Honor. No victory is worth sacrificing your principles. No law that is unjust should be enforced. (Good)
6 Authority. Those in positions of power are in those positions for a reason. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I’m committed completely to the rule of law. To violate that would be to undermine my very core.
2 The common folk are the heart of every civilization. I do what I do to keep them safe and honor them.
3 I or someone I love was the victim of an awful crime when I was younger, and the perpetrator was never brought to justice. I hope that one day our paths will cross again, so I can right the wrong done so long ago.
4 Leaders die, laws change. People are what matter.
5 The only way to get what you want from the world is to take it. Having authority just makes it easier.
6 My voice is the only one that matters.
d6 Flaw
1 I never miss the opportunity to express my disdain for lawbreakers, even those who claim they have reformed.
2 I think I know best, even in matters and topics I’m not familiar with.
3 I once won a trial combat against someone who was innocent. My victory meant their death. The doubt has plagued me ever since.
4 I abandoned my post rather than enforce an unjust law. I fear what will happen if I’m found.
5 I struggle to understand cultural norms that differ from mine.
6 I am attracted to criminals and once had an affair with a thieves’ guild member who used me to get information from a judge.
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