Lost the Faith

You were a religious person, perhaps part of a formal order, or an informal leader in an affinity group. You might even have been a solo practitioner of your faith, but let it occupy center stage in your life regardless.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Religion.

Tool Proficiencies: Choose two from any one artisan’s tools, and any one musical instrument

Equipment: Common clothes, a religious icon

Feature: The Power of Belief

Miracles are hard to come by, even in Azoth, but the Realm is more accustomed to them than Earth, and an amplified connection to a divine patron tilts the scales just a little. Once per session, you may Channel Divinity, even if you’re not a cleric (choose a domain to represent your faith at character creation). If you are a cleric, you may use this feature to Channel Divinity again even if you’re already expended all uses of Channel Divinity since your last rest.

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