You save lives. Whether or not you work in private practice or a group setting like a hospital, healing is your job, and you’ve dedicated a big chunk of your life to training and preparation for it. There are people who need medical care, and you might be the only person for miles around ready to deliver that care.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine and Perception.

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit, and your choice of one artisan’s tool, gaming set, or musical instrument

Equipment: Common clothes, a first-aid kit

Feature: First Do No Harm

Even in a world as chaotic as Azoth can be, some things are still universal, and this is one: a good doctor is hard to find. Even in situations where the lives of others might be held cheaply, such as when captured by bandits, if you make it clear that you are a healer, most foes will decline to do serious violence to you. They’re likely to put you to work, but that’s better than a sword in the gut or confinement in a pit or cell — and it’s an opportunity for you to do something to rescue your friends.

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