Mercenary Company Scion

You descend from a famous line of free company veterans, and your first memory is playing among the tents, training yards, and war rooms of one campaign or another. Adored or perhaps ignored by your parents, you spent your formative years learning weapons and armor skills from brave captains, camp discipline from burly sergeants, and a host of virtues and vices from the common foot soldiers. You’ve always been told you are special and destined to glory. The weight of your family’s legacy, honor, or reputation can weigh heavily, inspiring you to great deeds, or it can be a factor you try to leave behind.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, History

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, one musical instrument

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: A backpack, a signet ring emblazoned with the symbol of your family’s free company, a musical instrument of your choice, a mess kit, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 20 gp

Mercenary Company Reputation

Your family is part of or associated with a mercenary company. The company has a certain reputation that may or may not continue to impact your life. Roll a d8 or choose from the options in the Mercenary Company Reputation table to determine the reputation of this free company.

d8 Mercenary Company Reputation
1 Infamous. The company’s evil deeds follow any who are known to consort with them.
2 Honest. An upstanding company whose words and oaths are trusted.
3 Unknown. Few know of this company. Its deeds have yet to be written.
4 Feared. For good or ill, this company is generally feared on the battlefield.
5 Mocked. Though it tries hard, the company is the butt of many jokes and derision.
6 Specialized. This company is known for a specific type of skill on or off the battlefield.
7 Disliked. For well-known reasons, this company has a bad reputation.
8 Famous. The company’s great feats and accomplishments are known far and wide.

Feature: The Family Name

Your family name is well known in the close-knit world of mercenary companies. Members of mercenary companies readily recognize your name and will provide food, drink, and shelter with pleasure or out of fear, depending upon your family’s reputation. You can also gain access to friendly military encampments, fortresses, or powerful political figures through your contacts among the mercenaries. Utilizing such connections might require the donation of money, magic items, or a great deal of drink.

Suggested Characteristics

The turmoil of war, the drudgery of the camp, long days on the road, and the thrill of battle shape a Mercenary Company Scion to create strong bonds of loyalty, military discipline, and a practical mind. Yet this history can scar as well, leaving the scion open to guilt, pride, resentment, and hatred.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am ashamed of my family’s reputation and seek to distance myself from their deeds.
2 I have seen the world and know people everywhere.
3 I expect the best life has to offer and won’t settle for less.
4 I know stories from a thousand campaigns and can apply them to any situation.
5 After too many betrayals, I don’t trust anyone.
6 My parents were heroes, and I try to live up to their example.
7 I have seen the horrors of war; nothing disturbs me anymore.
8 I truly believe I have a destiny of glory and fame awaiting me.
d6 Ideal
1 Glory. Only by fighting for the right causes can I achieve true fame and honor. (Good)
2 Dependable. Once my oath is given, it cannot be broken. (Lawful)
3 Seeker. Life can be short, so I will live it to the fullest before I die. (Chaotic)
4 Ruthless. Only the strong survive. (Evil)
5 Mercenary. If you have gold, I’m your blade. (Neutral)
6 Challenge. Life is a test, and only by meeting life head on can I prove I am worthy. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 My parent’s legacy is a tissue of lies. I will never stop until I uncover the truth.
2 I am the only one who can uphold the family name.
3 My companions are my life, and I would do anything to protect them.
4 I will never forget the betrayal leading to my parent’s murder, but I will avenge them.
5 My honor and reputation are all that matter in life.
6 I betrayed my family to protect my friend who was a soldier in another free company.
d6 Flaw
1 I have no respect for those who never signed on to a mercenary company or walked the battlefield.
2 I cannot bear losing anyone close to me, so I keep everyone at a distance.
3 Bloody violence is the only way to solve problems.
4 I caused the downfall of my family’s mercenary company.
5 I am hiding a horrible secret about one of my family’s patrons.
6 I see insults to my honor or reputation in every whisper, veiled glance, and knowing look.
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