From a young age you took great interest in the beauty of the stage. Enthralled by the stories and those who told them, you strove to become one of them.

Though you hope to one day return home and put your own adventures to pen and stage, you know, deep inside, that the greatest stories always end in tragedy.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, History

Tool Proficiencies: Calligraphers tools, one musical instrument of your choice.

Equipment: A set of common clothes, a set of Calligrapher’s supplies, a scroll containing a previously written play, and a bag containing 10 gold coins.

Feature: Attendant Troupe

You have a troupe of actors that have performed in dozens of your plays that you are able to call upon. While in your home settlement you will have access to a dozen well-trained actors to perform in your plays. While traveling, you may have up to three of these actors accompany you. They will perform in any plays you write, for a fee of course. You may set the price to attend your shows, but each of the actors will expect a cut. When performing in your home settlement this will be a five-percent cut per actor, while traveling this is raised to ten-percent.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I know that I trained at the world’s greatest theatres and think little of those who learned elsewhere.
2 I have lost myself in my work and often have difficulty separating reality from the stage.
3 I dote on my actors like an overbearing father.
4 I have played so many characters that I sometimes lose track of who I am.
5 I have great resentment for playwrights who garner more success than I do.
6 I greatly prefer writing plays to acting in them.
d6 Ideal
1 Performance: Putting on a good show that people enjoy is worth its weight in gold.
2 Freedom: The authorities should not dictate what is proper content for a play!
3 Teamwork: A writer without a troupe is nothing but a dreamer.
4 Sacrifice: A good performance takes sweat and sometimes blood.
5 Peace: Safe venues are rare in times of war.
6 War: Conflict inspires the greatest stories.
d6 Bond
1 My troupe, without whom I would be nothing.
2 The theatre where we performed back home.
3 The cheering crowds, inspired by our stories.
4 The script of my favorite play, that inspired me to write.
5 I only truly feel whole when I have a pen in my hand and parchment on the table.
6 My family, who supported my early efforts.
d6 Flaw
1 I have poor penmanship.
2 I am slow to recognize sarcasm.
3 I try to see the best in everyone, even those who truly don’t deserve it.
4 I care too much what people say about my plays.
5 I can’t write or read and must dictate my plays.
6 I can’t stand watching my own performances on stage.
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