Not all public officials are nobles. The consuls, the lord mayor, and dozens of other local magistrates, judges, and guild lobbyists keep bureaucracy afloat. Most minor politicians have very little sway in the grand scheme of things but nevertheless scrabble for power and notoriety in the hopes of gaining a seat on the Free City Council.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight.

Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit, one type of musical instrument.

Equipment: A fancy hat, a set of fine clothes, an ink pen and a bottle of black ink, a ream of parchment paper, a gold ring indicating your office, a certificate of office.

Feature: Gubernatorial Position

As a public official, you own a house. Your income as a politician pays for the house and allows you to keep a comfortable lifestyle without requiring you to pay lifestyle expenses. Your house has enough beds for you and your family and enough food to serve you and your family for up to 1 week before having to restock.

Suggested Characteristics

Politicians are often reviled as duplicitous and self-serving predators, preying upon the very people they are sworn to protect.

d6 Flaw
1 My paranoia makes it impossible for me to make friends. I’m always looking for ways to kill them and ways to save my own hide.
2 If any of my rivals learn my secret, I’ll be ruined forever.
3 I love money! (Money’s the little gray rocks on the street, right?)
4 I carry a lit candle at all times. For some reason, I can’t see in the dark without it.
5 I take everything that isn’t nailed down. I can’t help it.
6 I’m too soft. I hate the sound of screams and violence. I will do anything to avoid killing, even if it puts my own life in danger.
d8 Personality Traits
1 I use simple words. My voters need to know what I’m saying.
2 Life and politics are both just big popularity contests, so I must be popular!
3 I lie a lot. It’s fun to lie. I’m probably lying right now.
4 I’m very careful with what I say in public. I never want anything I’ve discussed to come back to haunt me later.
5 I am not afraid of some hard work. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get things done.
6 I live in a bubble. Doesn’t everyone think like I do and believe the same things about the world?
7 I can win anyone over, and eventually everyone likes and supports me. I’m just a friend you haven’t met yet.
8 I may show a pretty face to the people of this city, but behind closed doors, my aides are treated to a deluge of rancor and profanity.
d6 Ideal
1 Order. The power of the law must be used to maintain existing hierarchies and social orders. (Lawful)
2 Faith. The people ought to have leaders they can put their faith in! (Good)
3 Aggression. My electorate needs to know how terrible my political rivals are. (Any)
4 Repayment. Like for like. I will repay those who service me. (Neutral)
5 Cruelty. People are my playthings. I will use them and dispose of them to stay in power. (Evil)
6 Hypocrisy. Laws only exist to keep the common rabble in line. As a creator of laws, I am above such petty things. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 My manservant is the most important person in the world to me. Without him, I would hardly know how to get up in the morning, let alone pass legislation.
2 I’ve been trying to build a gearforged body for someone important to me. I think I’m getting close to finishing it.
3 I will challenge the corruption in this city.
4 My mentor was the most important person in my life. I have to honor their memory.
5 The gangs must go down. I will put my home back on the righteous path.
6 I need money. I love gazing into the gilded, mirrored surface of a polished coin. My mother says I have a little dragon blood in my veins.
d6 Flaw
1 I was born under a jealous star. If someone is more successful than me, I must destroy them.
2 I don’t have any original thoughts. I rely too much on my aides and advisors.
3 My enemies are growing stronger, and I’m too afraid to face them.
4 I have an office, but I want more. A title. An estate. I need more power.
5 Winning is the only thing that matters to me. The only thing.
6 I never learned the value of money. I spend recklessly, and I can’t understand how anyone can suffer from poverty. Can’t they just work harder?
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