Port Native

You grew up in one of the steaming and corrupt ramshackle cities of the pirate isles, infamous for both the scoundrels who visit it and the smugglers, assassins, and even cultists that run the city.

You’ve been around pirates all your life, but you’ve learned to be wary in your dealings with people, as there’s no telling who might be a spy or killer in disguise. Your suspicion keeps you alert for danger, but sometimes your fears run away with you and while you obsess on one potential threat, another creeps up on you unawares.

Skill Proficiencies History, Insight

Tool Proficiencies One type of artisan’s tools

Languages One of your choice

Equipment A purse with a hidden compartment containing 5 gp, two bottles of rum.

Feature: Good Judge of Character: In any port settlement, you may locate a trustworthy merchant or gossipmonger with a DC 10 Wisdom (Insight) check that takes 1d4 hours. On a failed check, you may try again.

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