You have never really fit in anywhere. The life you were given was not the one that you wanted and not one you would choose for others. You have spent your life in and out of constraints, never for any serious offense, but enough times to earn a reputation. People do not like to associate with you for fear of catching your troublesome nature. It is not that you want to cause trouble, it is that the world around you does not allow for people like you to live the way they want. Society is a prison and you’re looking for any way to aggravate the jailers.

What draws you to this lifestyle? Do you seek freedom from responsibility? Are you avoiding dealing with painful memories? Are the pressures of an average life too much for you to handle? Are you afraid of what would happen if you became a “normal” person? Are the rules around you demonstrably tyrannous? What keeps you from leaving your home and moving somewhere more amicable to your lifestyle?

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: A disguise kit and either (a) painter’s supplies or (b) 2 wheeled vehicles

Equipment: A set of dark colored clothing, a mask, an heirloom from home worth no more than 50 gp, 1 “lucky” gp.

Feature: Slippery Scoundrel

You have tussled with the law enough to know how to get away from them easily. You have an advantage in many aspects of dealing with law enforcement and guards. Any common law enforcement that tries to grapple you does so with disadvantage. Additionally, if you are being perused by guards you can disappear into a crowded area easily by hiding in plain sight. This does not apply to monstrous guards or guards set by small groups like bandits, cultists, etc. Only those that work for a kingdom, established church, or other world power.

You have also come to understand general patrol patterns and guard layouts. After just around an hour of time scoping out an area you will know where their patrol routes are, what places are more heavily guarded, and any places of entrance or exit that would normally be overlooked. This applies to any kind of humanoid guard patrols.

Suggested Characteristics

Rebels come in many shapes and sizes. The common thread is a dislike for the society around them. Nobles, guards, kings, bishops, or any other construct of authority disgusts them. They are not usually an obsessively violent sort but sometimes their disruptive activities can go a bit too far. Rebels are also not inherently evil or even wrong, they simply exist at odds with the world around them and cannot or will not conform to it.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am not accountable for my behavior; society has created me.
2 If everyone saw the world the way I see it, then it would be a much better place.
3 I spit in the face of any noble I encounter, regardless of the consequences.
4 I am a natural born leader and often command small groups of people like myself.
5 I love tagging anything I can with my art or symbol.
6 My words never seem to come out right and it often gets me into trouble.
7 I think I could be someone great, but I am unwilling to put in the effort required.
8 I don’t understand subtlety, nuance, or tact. Say what you mean or don’t bother saying it at all.
d6 Ideal
1 Godly. My moral code comes from a higher power. Their laws are above your own. (Lawful)
2 Ledger. Let it all burn. (Chaos)
3 Without a Cause. I don’t need to have a good reason for anything that I do. (Neutral)
4 Dangerous. I don’t care how many people die. If we want to disrupt the system, then bloodshed is required. (Evil)
5 Individual. I am going to pave my own path in this world, even if it kills me. (Any)
6 Saint. True rebellion is in the love we show others. We can’t expect anyone else to be the change we want to see. (Good)
d6 Bond
1 My family is royalty and I loathe them, even if I miss them sometimes.
2 My partner was taken away from me by a corrupt regime. I will avenge them.
3 I can’t stand to see my beloved home fall into such a lowly place and want to restore it to glory.
4 Not enough people care about the children. We must fight for their future.
5 Art is the best way you can express yourself; the more disruptive the better.
6 My faith has kept you going this long, now if it could keep me going just a little longer…
d6 Flaw
1 My plans often take a deadly turn because I don’t plan properly.
2 I misinterpret cosmic signal every time I receive them.
3 All lives are without true value, all that matters is our dogma.
4 I am cowardly and run at the first sign of trouble.
5 Being unique is the most important thing in the world to me.
6 I have a pit of anger in my stomach that no amount of revenge will fill, but I still try anyway.
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