The world is an orderly place, one that can be understood through trial-and-error application of the scientific method. You have a framework of reality in your head, whether it stems from physics, chemistry, biology, or another discipline (or even a combination of them), and you know how to test things within that framework. Whether you’re well-known or just another lab-tech, you’re the one people come to when they want to know the answer to some obscure science question. And then, you found out that magic was real. Perhaps you’re the stubborn hidebound type, trying to fit magic into your scientific framework, or maybe you’re the sort who is endlessly excited at the very idea of it because it means your framework was wrong and you get to write the new one.

The stereotypical scientist is a nerd, plain and simple, full of interesting (if dry) facts. Few people consider that the essential kernel of science is wonder, a delight at the way the natural world fits together in such an elegant way, from the gravitational attraction between stars to the interplay of atoms in chemical reactions. While certain elements are familiar, plenty are novel, and you want to learn about all of them.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: Navigator’s tools and herbalism kit

Equipment: Common clothes, a phone with various science apps on it

Feature: The Scientific Method

You know how to test things, even things you’ve never seen before. As long as you have the opportunity to spend time (a long rest, or longer) on a puzzle, problem, or riddle, you gain advantage for the check.

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