Your way with words has turned you to the path of knowledge and secrets, and instead of sharing these treasures with the world, you hoard them jealously. Your knowledge is not intended for charity, but for selling to the highest bidder. Your skills are those of subterfuge, sabotage, and poison of both the physical and mental sort.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight or Intimidation, Investigation

Languages: Two languages of your choice

Equipment: An incriminating note, a set of dark common clothes including a hood, an inconspicuous knife, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp or the equivalent.

Feature: Dirty Secret

You have a knack for digging up the hidden and unpleasant truths about people and places – truths that certain individuals may want to keep hidden. Whenever you spend at least three days in a single location researching, you may also uncover a dirty secret about the local area or an individual within it, unless your GM rules otherwise. Your GM determines the nature of this secret.

Suggested Characteristics

Some secret-brokers wander from place to place, selling intelligence to merchants and warlords, while others find a large settlement and set up a permanent place of business, integrating themselves into the city’s politics. Powerful secret-brokers often hire multiple agents to manage individual tasks while they pull the strings from above, weaving their complex webs of lies and misdirection and hiding behind multiple fronts and identities.

d8 Personality Trait
1 As a precaution, I always find dirt on my clients before we do business.
2 Uncovering secrets is my favorite game of all.
3 I make note of everything about a person when I meet them.
4 I enjoy the power of holding someone’s own dirty secret over their head.
5 No one knows my real name – not even me.
6 I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen or heard of everything.
7 I don’t believe in good people.
8 Anyone who has ever known both my face and my real occupation is dead.
d6 Ideal
1 Freedom. Information can empower the weakest of us.
2 Caution. You can never be too careful. Knowing secrets make you a target.
3 Control. Knowledge is power. With it, you can drive the best folk to the worst deeds.
4 Honesty. When no one has anything to hide, it shows us who they really are.
5 Greed. Everything has its price.
6 Curiosity. Nothing great ever came of accepting everything you see
d6 Bond
1 I blackmailed the wrong person, and now they’re after my head.
2 I fell into this trade by accident, after I killed a secret­broker and assumed their identity.
3 I carry a ledger of my most prized information with me at all times.
4 I often have my friends unknowingly carry out illegal tasks for me. This always/never makes me feel gui1ty.
5 The family business is in secret trading.
6 More than anything, I want to find the right person, settle down, and get out of this life.
d6 Flaw
1 Paranoia consumes my every waking moment. Every shadow is another enemy.
2 I’ve built up a web so complex that I believe no one will ever bring me down.
3 People are just tools to me, there to be used.
4 I just have to know everything.
5 I am smarter than everyone else, actually.
6 I can’t. Stop. Lying.
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