Maybe you were homeschooled, and only when you got out on your own did you understand how lacking your parents’ educational expertise was. Maybe you never even had that. Whatever your history, you are the champion of hustle. When you set yourself a task, you do it, because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. When people who rely on things outside themselves have their world turned upside down, there’s usually a period of adjustment.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: Any two

Equipment: Common clothes, appropriate kit for a chosen tool proficiency

Feature: How’s This Work?

You don’t approach anything with preconceived notions, which means that you can often make leaps of logic that others wouldn’t. Once per session, when confronted with something unknown, unexplainable, or otherwise mysterious, you may ask the GM one of the following questions: What’s the most dangerous thing here? How do I use or activate this? What’s the most important thing we haven’t noticed?

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