You learn what you’re told to learn, when you’re told to learn it. Maybe you participate in extracurricular activities — chess club, football, whatever’s your speed — or maybe you just go home to get a head start on the mountains of homework they give you, crawling into bed much later than you ought to. All this on top of the social free-for-all of your peer group, combined with the crucible of puberty. You have no idea why adults look back wistfully on this, but you suspect it’s encroaching senility. Unfortunately, you’re just young enough that you probably haven’t realized you’re not immortal yet, but hey, if magic’s real, that might be something you can fix!

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth and Investigation, or Athletics and Perception.

Tool Proficiencies: One kind of gaming kit and one kind of musical instrument

Equipment: Gaming kit or musical instrument, common clothes

Feature: Burning The Midnight Oil

You’re accustomed to weird hours and scads of work, whether or not that work makes sense to you in terms of execution or application. You always find the time during long rests to accomplish one extra task, be it reading an ancient tome, repairing a broken tool or weapon, or mixing the appropriate reagents to create a potion.

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