Training Origin

Origins vs. Backgrounds

The origin described below applies to characters in modern, super-heroic settings.

Deviants are the result of a variety of different events. While the Rise is responsible for bringing deviants to the forefront, there are a multitude of other reasons why people gained these powers.

This takes on the form of The Rise speeding up evolution in some, changing and mutating a creature on a molecular level, or supercharging someone during an accident that would otherwise be a mundane issue. Because of this, they come from a multitude of different origins. Some may gain the powers from being bitten by a radioactive insect, their keen intellect and wealth may allow them to create powerful suits of armor, or they are the result of laboratory experiments to create the ultimate soldier. The origins of heroes are nearly endless. Thus, it makes for an opportunity to build on your character’s story and powers.

It’s important to note that while the origin of your character’s powers grants them extraordinary gifts, it’s not the only thing that defines them.


Sometimes a superhero has no supernatural powers at all. They are merely humans that have undergone intense physical or mental regimens to push themselves beyond their natural limits.

Some may undertake the mastering of such physical disciplines as martial arts, contact sports, or bodybuilding, while others prefer to train in gymnastics, acrobatics, or endurance sports. There are those that have dedicated their lives to unlocking the hidden powers of the mind, whether by spending their time in deep meditation under the guidance of a spiritual leader or through such scientific pursuits as brain mappings and bioengineered implants.

Though such trained superheroes are far more adept in their mental and physical capabilities of choice than their otherwise untrained human counterparts, they remain mere mortals. Due to this natural vulnerability, some may prefer to rely on gadgets, gizmos, or other external paraphernalia to aid them in their quests for justice.

Training Traits

Such heroes as these are masterfully trained in their field of choice. Having privileged access to an expert teacher is exponentially beneficial to the mastery of niche fields of study, and these heroes are incredibly well-adapted to their tutelage. Their knowledge in their respective fields is thoroughly well-rounded, providing them with every veritable advantage they can personally muster. However, this does not mean that they are advantageous in every situation, as every subject matter expert knows that there are always more opportunities to learn and grow.

Their reflexively impressive aptitude provides them with a comparatively unnatural adeptness.

For those well-studied in the medical field, such prowess may manifest as effortlessly and painlessly administering an ambro med shot.

Likewise, the speed with which a trained assassin can pick a lock is a marvel to behold.

Some mechanical engineers can utilize their bionic enhancements to readily hack into computerized systems, while trained martial artists are often able to improvise weapons and solutions by utilizing objects in their surrounding environment.

Ability Score Increase. Your ability scores each increase by 1

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Languages. Common

Trained Reflexes. You gain the Fast Hands enhancement. This does not count against the total number of enhancements you can have.

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