Tyrant’s Lieutenant

You have sworn yourself to a great warlord or tyrant of the wastes. You can wield great influence in their citadels, but may find yourself a target in places hostile to them…

Skill Proficiencies: Religion or History, Intimidation

Languages: Two of your choice

Equipment: An icon of your position that is unique to your tyrant, a secure gag and manacles for subdued prisoners, a set of fine clothes, and a leather pouch containing 10 gp or the equivalent.

Feature: Direct Authority

When in the territory of your warlord, you may freely arrest those who you deem are breaking the warlord’s laws and codes, and ordinary citizens obey your lawful orders under fear of punishment. Some tyrants allow their lieutenants freer rein than others, and any mistakes you make will be noted by higher-ranking officers. You are required to obey all orders given to you by your superiors.

Suggested Characteristics

Most warlords promote their underlings based on skill and talent as leaders on the battlefield, so any lieutenant of theirs is most likely tough as old leather and cunning like a wild dog.

Some lieutenants revel in their authority, lashing out at those below them for the smallest of slights, while other use their power to benefit those wretched souls suffering in the dregs of the wastes. A few high-ranking lieutenants have used their position in a warlord’s confidence to usurp the tyrant’s position -for better or for worse.

d12 Title
1 Argbadh
2 Blood-bishop
3 Brother/Sister-Captain
4 Commandant
5 Hand of…
6 Imperator
7 Judge
8 Nob
9 Polemarch
10 Praetorian
11 Templar
12 Ironbar
d8 Personality Trait
1 I always look for ways to turn a situation to my favor.
2 I don’t accept failure as an option.
3 I’ve gotten really good at rationalizing every atrocity I commit.
4 Every time I must make a decision, I ask myself what my leader would do.
5 I desire glory in combat above all else.
6 I would do anything in order to receive even a glance from my beloved leader.
7 I prefer to have a good plan when taking a risk.
8 I used to care for those wretches lower than me. Now they sicken me.
d6 Ideal
1 Fairness. Favor should be earned through blood and sweat, not nepotism and preferential treatment.
2 Loyalty. Give your life for our leader, and be eternally rewarded!
3 Power. Those who earned power have the right to use it as they see fit.
4 Redemption. It’s never too late to start to make the world a little less awful.
5 Force. Fear is the universal motivator.
6 Unity. A disciplined army can defeat a force ten times its size.
d6 Bond
1 I killed a friend to prove my loyalty to my warlord. I *don’t* regret it.
2 I was forced into slavery, but clawed my way to freedom. I still have family out there.
3 My subordinates look to me for guidance, and I must provide it. They are the closest I have to family.
4 I hate the warlord I serve, and would love nothing more than to see them deposed.
5 If I serve my leader well, I will ride beside them to the afterlife.
6 I have a rival, and I will do anything to undermine them.
d6 Flaw
1 I care more for a glorious death than I do for any of my subordinates.
2 I am easily swayed by groveling and displays of submission.
3 I once made a mistake that crippled my leader’s plan, and will do anything to avoid being found out.
4 Those who question my plans simply cannot comprehend my genius.
5 Every time I arrest someone, I get a rush of power.
6 I have an addiction, and use my authority to feed it.
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