You’ve gone through impossibly deadly dungeons without suffering a scratch. You saved kingdoms and married at least three grateful royal scions. You have been a master swordfighter, a brilliant wizard, a compassionate cleric. You played all these roles and more, sitting across the table from your friends, and you know the ins and outs of dozens of settings and systems. Your entire life has been spent preparing for this moment. Regrettably, very little of that preparation actually prepared you to do it for real.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight.

Tool Proficiencies: One kind of gaming set, and a disguise kit

Languages: Any one fictional language

Equipment: Common clothes, one kind of gaming set or a disguise kit

Feature: Metaknowledge

For practically every situation you find yourself in, you’ve been through something at least a little bit like it in the realm of the imaginary, and you have ideas about how to tackle it. Once per session, you may ask the GM any question about the structure of the narrative. For example, you might ask “Is this shady guy in the tavern going to backstab us?” After you ask your question, make an Insight check with a DC set by the GM. If you’re successful, the GM will answer your question honestly. Whether you’re able to convince your friends of the accuracy of your metatextual intuition is another question.

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