Your people live near the ocean beaches and sail small to medium sized boats, taking life-giving sustenance from the bounty of the sea. You might hail from the warm tropics, the remote portions of the milder regions, or the frozen regions, but the one thing that remains the same in all of these regions is that you have a deep reverence for the ocean. As with all the youth in your culture, once your voice began to change, you were given an oar and taught to row. Over time you gained strength, and your sea legs, and when the time was right, they taught you to fish, and to defend yourself with a weapon.

A number of things might have drawn you from your home. You might have gone too far out to sea, been caught in a storm, and blown too far from your home to find your way back. Alternatively, you might have been caught up in a war that took you and your clan mates far from your home. Once you were away, you discovered the wonders of civilizations you never even dreamed of back with your clan. Alternatively, you might have left your people intentionally after some tragedy befell it. Perhaps you seek revenge against those who wronged you and your clan, whether they be people, monsters, or the gods.

Civilization might have been strange to you at first, but you soon found there was a healthy market for your unique skills. Fishing boats were able to use your seafaring expertise, harbor patrol craft were able to use both your seafaring experience as well as your combat experience, and pirates sought your help when they saw that you could sail, and that you were tough as nails. You adjust to cities and the people who live in them well enough, but your home will always be the sea. So long as you can regularly find your way out to the open waters, it doesn’t matter if your port of call is a sandy beach filled with barbarians or if it’s a walled city with wooden docks, you will be at peace.


Skills Insight, Acrobatics
Tools: Woodcarver’s tools
Equipment: Explorer’s pack, fishing tackle, grappling hook, spear

Feature: In Demand

As long as you’re near water, your skills are in demand. When you’re near the ocean, you might be hired on as a sailor, a fisher, or a guard. When you’re on dry land that’s near a river system, your skills are still valuable enough that you never have to look hard for work. In between adventures, your skills and hard work are enough to keep the rest of the party housed and fed.

Suggested Characteristics

Like many warriors, you have rage. Your rage is born from the struggle to survive on the sea and pull food and sustenance from it. At times, simply using your sailing skills is not enough. You must battle the elements of nature to hold your craft together and keep it from dumping you into the water where you would become food for the fish. This rage and fury is easily re-channeled into fighting enemies. Despite this, part of the ethos of the sea is that you work hard while you’re on at sea and you relax and enjoy life as best you can when you’re back on land. When your efforts aren’t consumed with survival, you like to bask in the sun in warm climates, huddle around the fire in cold ones, and swap stories of your exploits with your clansmen.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Cross me and you’ll wish you were caught in a gale!
2 Ask me later when there aren’t people to save.
3 I am unanchored in this world. I sail with the winds, and the sea is my companion.
4 One longship might not worry you, but over a hundred swarming, with my clansmen boarding your ship, and you will.
5 Nice village you have there! It will make excellent plunder.
6 Look me in the eye. You might see a savage, but my heart is true.
7 You might think the ocean is the only thing I know, but hide from me on land and I’ll find you just as easily there too.
8 Quiet for a moment and you can hear the dolphins sing.
d6 Ideal
1 Authenticity: What you see of me is what I am. When I say something, I mean it. When I say I’m going to kill you, it isn’t a threat, it’s something you should start planning for.
2 Trustworthy: Put your trust in me and I will never let you down. If I place my trust in you, I expect the same.
3 Boldness: If I want something, I get it. There’s no sense worrying about who might see me doing it.
4 Loyalty: If you have earned my loyalty, I will never forsake you. If I carry your banner, I will go to the grave before I put it in the dirt.
5 Justice: There is nothing more important than righting a wrong.
6 Adventure: Beyond every wave in the sea is a new adventure, and I intend to seek it!
d6 Bond
1 A nobleman owes me a favor for fishing him out of shark infested waters.
2 A small child I rescued relies upon me for survival.
3 I’m in love with someone, and they claim to return my love, but they will not follow me away from the clan.
4 I’m sworn to avenge the death of my father at the hands of a warring tribe’s rabid dog of a leader.
5 I must return to my clan one day and report all I have found in the outside world.
6 I don’t know why this rogue keeps following me around, but they’ve helped me too many times to turn his back on him when they’re in trouble.
d6 Flaw
1 Cross me and I will think of nothing else until you are dead by my sword.
2 I don’t care for most people and I’ll only help if there’s something in it for me.
3 Keep what belongs to you, but don’t even think of taking what’s mine.
4 If I’m not at sea, I have no cares in the world.
5 You are lucky to know one such as me.
6 If you have something I want, I will find a way to make it mine.
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