For as long as you can remember you have wandered, never remaining in one place longer than you need to rest or restock. You hold no allegiance to any of the world’s realms and may not know in which you were even born. The borders of the world’s kingdoms and empires are meaningless to you and you do not recognize the authority of these states to limit your freedom to travel where you will, when you will. While this does occasionally bring you into conflict with the authorities, it has afforded you the opportunity to see, learn, and do things that few others can claim. You have friends across the width and breadth of the world and from Albion to Wei you can call upon the friends you have met through your travels.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Proficiency with one artisan’s tool of your choice.

Languages: One of your choice.

Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes, one artisan’s tool set of your choice, an explorer’s pack, and a bag containing 5 gold coins.

Feature: Borderless

Your journeys have taken you to all corners of the world and have taught you much. You may select two additional languages and one additional tool at character creation and gain proficiency with these.

d6 Personality Trait
1 I can never sit still and always strive to be on the move.
2 I want to know it all and am always asking questions.
3 I prefer sleeping under the stars.
4 I travel because my home has dark memories.
5 I’m always seeking new friends in new places.
6 When reaching new places, I can’t help but smile.
d6 Ideal
1 Knowledge: I travel to learn. The world is an open book to those who can read it.
2 Freedom: The despots of the world should not stifle the free travel of individuals.
3 Exploration: New horizons and experiences are always around the corner.
4 Culture: The world has too much to offer to be tied to one place.
5 Joy: Conflict only brings ruin with it. Peace is the path to stability.
6 Misery: The past is haunted, so it’s best to keep away from it.
d6 Bond
1 A walking stick I have had with me since home.
2 I have someone in a town I once visited I hope to visit again.
3 I was stuck once; I never will be again.
4 I have a soft spot for the forgotten of society.
5 My home town is a good place and I would do anything to protect it.
6 A small animal I found in my travels is now my constant companion.
d6 Flaw
1 I don’t realize when I’m not wanted.
2 I rarely know where my next coin will come from.
3 I go so long without proper meals that I often overeat to the point of sickness when food is in abundance.
4 I have a bad temper and have made enemies in many towns I’ve visited.
5 I sometimes slip into the wrong language mid conversation, often to great offense.
6 My wanderlust precludes me from making strong connections.
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