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Name Publisher Source
Air Domain (Frog God Games)
Air Domain (PondStrider Games)
Alter-Ego Rogue Archetype
Apocalypse Domain
Arcane Assassin , ,
Arcane Dabbler
Arcane Tradition: Void Speaker
Archer Conclave
Arts Domain , ,
Ascendant Defiler Warlock Patron
Battle Domain
Bearsarker (Barbarian Primal Path)
Beast Slayer (Barbarian Primal Path)
Beer Domain
Brawler , ,
Canine Domain
Captain (Martial Archetype)
Cat Domain
Chaos Domain
Chronomancy , ,
Circle of Balance
Circle of Birds and Beasts
Circle of Blight
Circle of Culling
Circle of Death
Circle of Elements
Circle of Life
Circle of Shapeless and Primal Terror
Circle of Shifters
Circle of Spirits
Circle of the Ancestors
Circle of the Clans
Circle of the Crimson Abyss
Circle of the Elements
Circle of the Feral Beast
Circle of the Harvest , ,
Circle of the Land
Circle of the Moon
Circle of the Spirits
Circle of the Stray
Circle of the Völva
Circle of the Willow
Circle of Tides , ,
City Domain
Clairvoyant Sorcerous Origin
Clockwork Domain
Clockwork Domain (Simplified)
Cold Domain
College of Acoustics
College of Adjuration , ,
College of Criminology
College of Echoes
College of Entropy
College of Fame , ,
College of Fatalism
College of Hope
College of Mercenaries
College of Mercenaries
College of Phantoms
College of Red Iron
College of Reliquaries
College of Reliquaries
College of Shadows
College of Spies
College of Spoons , ,
College of Tactics
College of the Ancients
College of the Crimson Abyss
College of the Howling Souls
College of the Playwright , ,
College of the Roads
College of the Troubadour
College of Wolves
Crafts Domain
Cultist of a Dead God
Cultist of the Dead God
Cunning Woman
Dark Arts , ,
Darkness Domain
Darkness Domain
Death Domain
Defender , ,
Defensive Magic , ,
Draconic Siphon Sorcerer
Dragon Bound , ,
Dragon Domain
Dragoon Fighter , ,
Earth Domain
Earth Domain
Eidolon Patron , ,
Elemental Blade
Elemental Savant
Elemental Savant
Existential Resonance , ,
Exorcism Domain
Explorer Ranger
Fell Knight , ,
Feyfriend Circle (Druid Circle)
Fire Domain
Fire Domain
Flayer Mind
Gnostic Soul , ,
Greenleaf College
Guardian of the Village
Harmony Domain , ,
Haunted Soul , ,
Healing Domain
Horse Nomad
Hunger Domain
Hunger Domain
Hunt Domain
Hunting Domain
Ice Walker
Justice Domain
Justice Domain
Knight Hospitaler
Knight of the Chord College
Labyrinth Domain
Law Domain
Luck Domain
Mage of the Pyramid
Mage Slayer
Medium Sorcerous Origin
Monstrum Venator Conclave
Moon Domain
Moon Domain
Mountain Domain
Natural Summoner
Nobility Domain
Oath of Courage
Oath of Emancipation
Oath of Exorcism
Oath of Obedience , ,
Oath of Remembrance , ,
Oath of Saints
Oath of the Benandanti
Oath of the Rose
Oath of the Spear Maiden
Oath of The Sworn Sword
Oath of Transcendence , ,
Oath of Triune , ,
Oath of Wyrmslaying
Oath of Zeal
Ocean Domain
Ocean Protector
Pantheist Domain
Path of Primal Fury
Path of the Ancestors
Path of the Arcanagoth
Path of the Ballistic Barbarian
Path of the Bear Warrior
Path of the Beastlord
Path of the Blizzard’s Heart
Path of the Blood Sage , ,
Path of the Boar Warrior
Path of The Colossus
Path of the Defender
Path of the Destroyer
Path of the Dragon
Path of the Herald
Path of the Hive Tender
Path of the Jungle
Path of the Pit Fighter , ,
Path of the Plains Runner
Path of the Shadow Chewer
Path of the Spirit Warrior
Path of the Stallion , ,
Path of the Titan Slayer , ,
Path of the Warlord
Path of the Warsong
Path of the Wasteland
Path of the Wolf Warrior
Patron: Mother of Dragons
Patron: The Forgotten King
Patron: The Null
Planar Explorer
Primal Path of The Ending
Primal Soul
Prophecy Domain
Protection Domain
Psychic Talent
Pyromancer , ,
Radiant Domain
Robingoodfellowes ,
Rune Caller
School of Alchemy
School of Alchemy (Wizard School)
School of Eclectic Magic
School of the Mind
School of the Psyche
Sea Domain
Shadow Hunter
Shark Rider
Shield Maiden
Sickness Domain
Soldier of Fortune
Soldier of Fortune
Sorcerous Origin: Nereid
Sorcerous Origin: Norn
Speed Domain
Spell Striking , ,
Spirit Divine Domain
Spirit Tamer
Stalker Conclave
Svartálfar Agent
The Autumn King
The Ending Primal Path
The Haunted Fighter
The Parasite Patron , ,
The Sea Lord
The Seducer
The Trickster
The Winter Queen
Time Domain
Tonal Warlock Patron
Travel Domain
Travel Domain
Ulfhander (Frog God Games)
Ulfhednir (Mal and Tal Enterprises)
Undeath Domain
Unicorn Charger
Ushada Marked Sorcerous Origin
Vampyr Conclave
Variant Bard , ,
Variant Fighter , ,
Variant Monk , ,
Variant Ranger , ,
Variant Rogue , ,
Variant Sorcerer , ,
Variant Wizard , ,
Void Domain
Wandering Mage , ,
Water Domain
Water Domain
Way of Balance
Way of Infinite Worlds
Way of Mithras
Way of Peace
Way of Peace
Way of the Crushing Snow , ,
Way of the Forceful Mind
Way of the Iron Claw
Way of the Nitaínem
Way of the Seeing Mind , ,
Way of the Spirit Dance
Way of the Subtle Force
Way of the Walking Judge
Way of the Winter Soul
Way of Tooth and Claw
Wildlander , ,
Wolfsblood Barbarian Path
World Warrior
Zemi Medium