Accursed Witch

While the secrets of curses are known to many witches, there are some who are more intimately familiar with these harmful spells than others. Accursed witches bear a curse of their own, a price they must pay for their magical gifts, but they also excel at inflicting curses upon others, including sharing the curse that they themselves suffer from. Your patron is generally a bitter creature – it could be a trapped celestial spitting curses at heaven for being abandoned or forgotten, an angry fiend frustrated at a lack of promotion or a god of death or insanity who resents their portfolio (like Hades in Greek Pantheon). The class is also restricted to female characters only.

Expanded Spell List

The Accursed Witch gains an expanded spell list adding bane, bestow curse and all the spells listed in this supplement to your spell list.

Witch’s Curse

Accursed witches are cursed, but these curses come with benefits as well as hindrances. At 1st level, the accursed witch must select a single curse. You may work with your GM to come up with a curse using the ones listed on the Witch’s Curse table as an examples.

Inflict Curse

At 6th-level you may impose your curse on others. As an action, you can force a single creature within 30 feet of you to succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or suffer the negative effects of your curse for 8 hours (at 12th level this becomes 8 days and at 20th level it becomes permanent). If the target rolls a 1 on their saving throw the curse is permanent even when the witch is not level 20.

The target may repeat the saving throw at the end of the duration but on a fail, it remains cursed for another 8 hours (or days as appropriate). A remove curse spell can remove this curse but only if the spellcaster casting the spell is equal to or higher level than the accursed witch who inflicted the curse.

You may use this ability once per day.

Poetria of Curses

At 10th-level you gain mastery over curses. You must choose one of the benefits listed below. Once the choice is made, it cannot later be changed.

  • Lingering Curse. The duration of any spells with the curse descriptor that you cast are doubled. Additionally, the curse is treated as 1 spell level higher for the purposes of the remove curse spell.
  • Potent Curse. You treat all your curse descriptor spells as if they were cast two spell levels higher than they actually are.
  • Reaching Curse. You can cast any spell with the curse descriptor as though its range was 30 feet.

Cursed Malleability

At 14th-level you may select an ability from any other Warlock archetype of 14th level or lower. It becomes your 14th level Accursed Witch feature.

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