While elder things and alien entities often predated the rise of civilization, many were known and even venerated in long-fallen antediluvian civilizations whose cities and nations have long since vanished beneath the waves in legendary cataclysms long past. Aquanauts are scholars and explorers of the abyssal deeps of the world’s oceans, probing the oozy rifts of the ocean floor to find the lost relics of ancient cultures touched by visitors from beyond, often becoming tainted themselves by their discoveries of secrets better left buried beneath the waves.

Aquatic Apparatus

At 2nd level, an aquanaut can craft an alchemical and technomagical apparatus to help extend her underwater explorations. Preparing an aquatic apparatus takes 1 minute, during which time the wizard must cast a spell from her spell list which must only affect willing creatures.

As long as the target of the spell remains in or underwater, the duration of the effect is doubled. In addition, the apparatus makes the effect harder to dispel, treating the spell as if it were 2 levels higher for the purpose of dispel magic as long as the target remains in or underwater.

Preparing the aquatic apparatus can be done at the same time as casting a spell.

Slippery Swimmer

At 6th level, an aquanaut gains advantage on saving throws or ability checks to avoid becoming grappled or restrained and on checks to end either of these conditions when underwater. Her movement is not slowed by difficult terrain when swimming, and she gains resistance against damage from constrict attacks; this also applies against pressure damage from deep water.

Aquatic Enchantment

At 10th level, the aquanaut gains the use of a water-related magic item they’ve crafted. Treat this as the Wondrous Invention ability of an artificer, but she may only choose from: cap of water breathing, ring of swimming, folding boat, or decanter of endless water (or a similar item, at the GM’s discretion).

At 14th level, she gains another item from this list.

Submersible Suit

At 14th level, the aquanaut becomes comfortable adapting heavier armor protection with built-in submersible apparatus and maneuvering surfaces. She gains proficiency in heavy armor, and any heavy armor she wears does not have a Strength requirement as long as she is underwater (or submerged in a similar liquid). When she is wearing heavy armor and crafts an aquatic apparatus (as above), she can add one of the following bonus effects to the aquatic apparatus: darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense (in water only) 30 ft., resistance to cold, swim speed equal to land speed. This bonus effect lasting as long as the apparatus does.

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