Mastering the bow demands years of practice and training; the best archers begin their education in early childhood. In the skilled hands of an archer, an arrow becomes like a living, thinking magical instrument of death, striking enemies at long distances and capable of punching through armor with lethal efficiency. Swords, shields, spears, and armor all have their place in battle, but it is the archers who often determine the victor. At the height of their skill, a practiced archer can rain death on enemies without even seeing them, filling the air with a hail of arrows in the span of a few heartbeats.

Quick Shot

At 3rd level, you can rapidly fire off multiple arrows each round. If you do not move during your turn, you can make an extra attack with your ranged weapon as a bonus action.

Aimed Shot

At 7th level, you can take your time to line up a perfect shot. You can choose not to move this turn and gain advantage on your next ranged attack roll.

Pinpoint Accuracy

At 10th level, you gain advantage on all ranged attack rolls made against targets you can see within 30 feet.

Rain of Death

At 15th level, your ranged attacks score critical hits on a natural attack roll of 19 or 20.

Dread Arrows

At 18th level, all your ranged attacks deal an additional die of weapon damage (by weapon/missile type).

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