Your innate magic comes from your superior bloodline. Your magic wells up from within you, as a paragon of your race. Whether you come from a long line of storied ancestors, or you are simply the product of a chance blending of the best characteristics of your race, you were born exceptional, and your sorcerous power is a testament to your legacy.

School Mastery

At 1st level, you have a natural affinity for a particular school of magic, depending on your race, as shown on the table below. You can cast a particular spell from that school without needing material components, and that bonus spell does not count against your number of sorcerer spells known. You regain the use of your bonus spell when you finish a long rest.

When your spellcasting feature lets you learn a new sorcerer cantrip or a new sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose the new spell from the wizard spell list, as long as the spell is from your associated school.

Channel Energy

Also starting at 1st level, you can absorb a certain amount of hostile magical energy. You can use this feature as a reaction when you make a successful saving throw against a spell of a level that is no higher than your sorcerer level. When you do so, you absorb the magical energy of the attack. Instead of being affected by the spell, you regain a number of expended spell slots equal to the level of the spell. If you have not used any spell slots for a given level of spell, this feature does not allow you to gain a slot that would exceed your normal maximum. For example, if you are a 3rd-level sorcerer and make a successful save against a 2nd-level spell, you can regain two 1st-level spell slots or one 2nd-level spell slot. If you don’t have two available 1st-level spell slots, you must regain the 2nd-level slot. If you have one available 1st-level spell slot and no 2nd-level slots, you regain one 1st-level slot when you use this feature. You can regain a number of expended spell slots equal to twice your sorcerer level. Once you regain all the expended slots provided by this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use the feature again.

Metamagic Mastery

Starting at 6th level, you can more easily enhance spells affiliated with your associated school. If you apply a Metamagic option to a spell from that school, it costs 1 less sorcery point. If the option normally costs 1 sorcery point, it costs 1/2 point for you.

Power of the Elite

At 14th level or higher, you can spend 4 sorcery points to infuse yourself with power, showing all the elite power of your bloodline. For 1 minute afterward, you double your proficiency bonus on any Charisma-based checks made against others of your race, and you have advantage on those checks. Any creatures not of your race have disadvantage on saving throws against spells you cast.

Additionally, you add your Charisma bonus to the damage of any spells you cast. Once you use this feature, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.

Inexorable Might

Starting at 18th level, you can make one of your spells more effective if you spend 2 sorcery points when you cast it. If the spell deals damage, you can roll twice for damage and use the higher result. If the spell does not deal damage, the targets of the spell have disadvantage on the saving throw against it.

Aristocratic Bloodline Schools and Spells
Race School Bonus Spell
Dwarf Transmutation feather fall
Dragonborn Evocation burning hands
Elf Enchantment hideous laughter
Gnome Illusion illusory script
Half-elf Divination identify
Half-orc Necromancy false life
Halfling Abjuration alarm
Human Any one one from chosen school
Tiefling Conjuration floating disk
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