The whine of pulse munitions and thump of explosive decompression are the music to the artillerist’s ears. These gunslingers focus not on the personal staredown and quick-draw of a duelist, but the dispersal heavy weapons in fire support.

Traversing Fire

Beginning at 3rd level, when using a firearm with the automatic quality from a position at least 10 ft. above your targets, you can sweep your fire across the battlefield. Rather than shooting an automatic burst in a line originating from your space, you designates two squares no more than 30 ft. apart, which are in line of sight and not within long range of your weapon and draw a line between them. Treat this line as a burst of automatic fire, rolling an attack against each creature and dealing damage to those that are hit.

Walking Shots

Starting at 7th level, you’ve gained experience with assault rifles unlike any training other soldiers receive. You no longer have disadvantage on your attack rolls when making line attacks with guns that have the automatic quality.


At 10th level, as an action, you can fire a heavy weapon at a building, cliffside, or other suitable solid object, causing a rain of debris in a 10-foot radius below the point of impact, up to 30 feet below. Any creatures or objects in this area take 8d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed Dexterity saving throw, or half as much on a successful save. The radius is also treated as difficult terrain. The DC for this saving throw is 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus.

Flying creatures that fail their saving throw are forced to the ground, taking falling damage based on how far they fell, as well as the 8d6 bludgeoning damage.

Once you use this ability, you must take either a short rest or a long rest in order to use it again.

Component Targeting

As an action, you can make a single ranged weapon attack with a firearm and choose a component of a vehicle to target. You gain the following effects depending on the part targeted. If the vehicle does not have the component listed, that part cannot be targeted.

  • Engine: On a hit, the vehicle takes damage normally and its speed is reduced by half for 1 minute.
  • Stabilizers: On a hit, the vehicle takes damage normally and is destabilized, causing any ability or skill checks made to control the vehicle to be made with disadvantage.
  • Weapons: On a hit, the vehicle takes no damage, but the targeted weapon fails to fire on a roll of 10 or below and has disadvantage on all attack rolls. Until it is repaired, if the weapon rolls a 10 or below, it explodes, dealing double its attack damage to the vehicle it is mounted to and all creatures within 10 feet of the weapon. It also becomes wrecked and cannot fire again until it has been fully restored.


At 18th level, your weapon attacks with firearms score a critical hit on a roll of 18 to 20.

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