While the gods do not normally interfere in the lives of mortals, save for the most heroic, there are those who have been touched by the gods and granted power through them. Some are not merely granted powers, but are transformed by the contact with the gods. One of these mortals so altered are the Bearsarkers, a cult dedicated to the worship of Wotan and the glory of the spear-din.

The Bearsarker Cult is a sacred order of men and women who have dedicated their lives Wotan. There are many reasons they choose to do so, but the most common is that they feel an intense desire to enter a savage fury and commit rampant acts of slaughter. This urge to rage is even greater during battle, and so in order to control this drive and have a place in society, the Bearsarker Cult of Wotan has formed. Through esoteric arts, ritual drunkenness, and great personal sacrifice, the Bearsarker not only tames his inner fire, but also learns to become a whirling spirit of death and destruction, when the time for such action is called for. Most do not live long, especially when one considers that their rituals are fairly violent and often result in severe injury and maiming. It is not unusual to find a Bearsarker who has plucked out one of his own eyes to gain wisdom, or who has spent time mediating while hung on a tree of woe.

Members of the cult undergo extensive training in order to learn to control their rage, as well as training in religion and the esoteric arts. Although inwardly highly meditative and thoughtful people, the outward appearance of the Bearsarkers gives others pause, considering the reputation of the cult for great savagery barely contained as well as incredible feats of stamina and strength. As per their religious dictates, Bearsarkers do not bathe except for rare ritual purification purposes, clad themselves only in a loincloth and bear robe, and never cut their hair or beards. This shaggy, unkempt and wild appearance is the means by which the cult is known, and seeing a Bearsarker on the other side of a battlefield has been known to turn the morale of even the most hardy of warriors. Also, despite, or because of, their sacred status, Bearsarkers are afforded a great deal of leeway in their actions and behavior.

Bearsarkers must be good or neutral aligned, must maintain the unkempt appearance of their faith, worship Wotan above all other gods, remain honorable, forsake marriage, children and wealth, and live to serve the northlands people as a whole. Some Bearsarkers cults have formed around other aspects of the All Father and exist in lands far removed from the Northlands, and serve those aspects and people instead of Wotan.

Battle Intoxication

Beginning at 3rd level, during a short rest you may consume sacred herbs, engage in ritual drinking, and eat certain mushrooms. At the end of the short rest you regain a number of expended rages equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Also, at 3rd level you gain proficiency in the Religion skill.

Shield Breaker

Beginning at 6th level, you may make a special attack that reduces a target’s ability to defend itself. You break shields, shatter armor, wound limbs, and slash foreheads to let the blood roll into your foe’s eyes. When you make this attack, you forgo doing any damage to the target. Instead, the target’s armor class is reduced by an amount equal to your Wisdom modifier until the end of its next turn.

Feared and Loved

Starting at 10th level, you may rely on your status as a Bearsarker to get you through social situations. You add your proficiency bonus twice to Charisma (Intimidation) and Charisma (Persuasion) checks.

Shieldwall Breaker

Beginning at 14th level, when you succeed at a melee attack roll, the target must make a Strength save with a DC equal to 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus or be pushed back 5 feet, plus an additional five feet per point of your proficiency bonus.

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