Blazing Eyes and Mad Howls of the Jabberwock (Warlock Invocation)

The strange trauma which gifted you with occult power is tied — in some way you cannot yet fully comprehend — to the legendary magic of that terrible dragon of wind, insanity and flame which haunts the deepest of this world’s dark woods … and the far-off nightmares of all Fair Folk. When you cast eldritch blast, you may manifest it as a blast of energy from your eyes, ignoring cover and not suffering from disadvantage from having a hostile creature within 5 feet of you. If you have and use the Dreadful Word invocation, you may choose to burble. This blast of strange noises and shouted nonsense in all the languages known to you – and several languages you do not know – affects all creatures other than you within a 30-foot-radius spread, rather than the usual range and area. When you use this invocation, your eyes grow huge, bright and strange, like those of the Jabberwock, often looking in different directions. Your teeth and nails lengthen, becoming sharper and more ragged as your voice takes on a raspy and sing-song quality, and your limbs become gangly and thin, with knobby and awkward joints, as your gut distends into a pot-belly. This changes last until the end of your next turn. During this time, if you are struck by a vorpal weapon, you are frightened for 1 round, and you are unable to look directly at anyone wielding a vorpal weapon, causing that creature to gain three-quarters cover against you.

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