Blood Mage Wizard Specialty

Blood can be a dark and forbidden source of magical energy for those willing to makes the necessary sacrifices.

A blood mage powers their magic with the secrets they learn from their own blood. Eventually, they learn to manipulate the blood of others, too.

Blood Savant

Beginning at 2nd level, the gold and time a blood mage must spend to copy a blood magic spell into their spellbook is halved.

Bonus Proficiency

A blood mage has proficiency in Medicine.

Internal Fortitude

At 2nd level, a blood mage gains a greater awareness of the blood flowing through their veins and of the heart that pumps it, and some measure of control over both. When the blood mage is subjected to a disease or poison effect that allows a Constitution saving throw to take only half damage, they instead take no damage on a successful save, and only half damage on a failed one.

Blood Vision

A blood mage of 6th level or higher can see a moment of the past through the eyes of a creature by consuming its blood.

Upon ingesting a small amount of the blood of another creature, the wizard becomes stunned. While stunned, he or she experiences one of the creature’s memories through its own eyes. (The memory may or may not be about the incident that caused it to bleed.)

Once a blood mage has consumed a creature’s blood for this purpose, the creature is immune to further uses of this ability.

Absorb Toxins

A blood mage of 10th level or higher can absorb a poison or a disease from another creature, living or dead, and turn it to his or her use. By exposing a fresh wound to a source of disease or poison, the wizard can safely absorb it and store it, dormant, in his or her bloodstream. The blood mage can then inflict the disease or poison on another creature by spitting a stream of blood at it. As an action, the wizard makes a ranged spell attack. On a hit, the target is exposed to the disease or poison and must proceed with any saving throws required.

If the wizard does not pass the disease or poison along to another living creature within three days, it becomes active in the body, and the wizard must make the first two saving throws required by the disease or poison with disadvantage.

Thicken Or Quicken Blood

A blood mage of 14th level or higher can turn another creature’s blood into sludge, hampering the creature, or can thin it out, giving the creature extra mobility. As an action, the wizard can cause a touched creature that fails a Constitution saving throw to become affected as if by a slow spell—or, alternatively, to gain the effect of a haste spell. The duration of either effect is a number of rounds equal to the blood mage’s Intelligence modifier. The target of the haste effect can intentionally fail the saving throw.

The blood mage can use this ability once, regaining the use of it upon finishing a long rest.

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