The bombardier is a master of using thrown explosives in combat, and even studies carefully the arts of demolition in all their applications.

Explosives Expert

At 3rd level a bombardier learns to fashion explosives from a stock of common engineering parts. If you have an explosives satchel (treat as a spell component pouch, except it contains explosive materials instead of magic ones), you may spend time during any short or long rest to create a day’s worth of bombs. These bombs act as alchemist’s fire. You are considered to have an unlimited number of bombs within reason. Additionally, you may affix a smaller bomb to an arrow you fire, adding 1d4 fire damage to one bow attack per round.

Experimental Explosives

Beginning at 7th level, you may choose the damage type of your bombs. You may choose from the following: cold, fire, lightning, poison. You may choose for each bomb as you use it. Any enemy you hit with one of your bombs may not make opportunity attacks against you this turn.

Shock and Awe

At 15th level your bombs now deal 2d8 damage, and your arrow-propelled bombs now add 2d4 damage. If you make at least two throw bomb attacks in a turn, you are treated as having taking the Dash action and gain extra movement as such.

Fighting Style: Grenadier

You are considered proficient at throwing all liquid or explosive projectiles. You must still be proficient to know how to correctly operate them (i.e. you could add your proficiency bonus to throwing a grenade, but if not proficient, you may not know to pull the pin). Normal and maximum ranges are doubled for these weapons to a maximum of 200 feet.

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