Cataclysm Warlock Patron

Hearing whispers in the night that sounds like the grating of earth, rasping of wind or churning of a great flame, the cataclysmic is drawn to power by the allure of an elder elemental. Unable to appear in the Material plane for risk of causing cataclysmic damage, these patrons may seek to bring harmony to nature or singlehandedly disrupt it, and the warlocks who swear fealty to them are the tools that allow them to do so.

Be it a phoenix, leviathan, zaratan, or simply a powerful inhabitant of one of the Elemental Planes, their blessing allows their servants to summon, command and merge with a primordial agent of their own.

The Cataclysmic Features
Level Features
1st Planar orientation, primordial agent
6th Improved primordial agent
10th Synced actions, two as one
14th Greater primordial agent
Cataclysmic Expanded Spells
Level Spells
1st Chaos bolt, wrathful smite
2nd Flame blade, dragon’s breath
3rd Plant growth, sleet storm
4th Conjure minor elemental, storm sphere
5th Commune with nature, reincarnation

Planar Orientation

1st-level Cataclysmic feature

Choose one of the following damage types (likely based on your patron’s elemental preference): fire, cold, poison, lightning. You are resistant to the damage type you choose. If a racial trait or feat also gives you resistance to that damage type, you are immune to it instead.

Primordial Agent

1st-level Cataclysmic feature

As an action you can summon a primordial agent, which appears like an elemental that matches the damage type you selected through your planar orientation (fire is fire, lightning is air, cold is water, poison is earth).

The primordial agent appears in an unoccupied space it fits into within 30 feet of you, and shares your initiative in combat. The primordial agent uses the primordial agent template, adjusted based on your Warlock level.

The primordial agent’s size is medium, and has a form that you choose (its form has no effect on its statistics or abilities), but is always composed of twisting elemental energy shaped to your desire.

You can use your action on your turn to command it to take any action listed on its sheet, and otherwise it takes no actions except the Dodge, Dash or Disengage actions, moving to defend itself or to where you verbally command it to move (requiring no action).

As a bonus action you can choose to project your mind into the elemental until the beginning of your next turn, allowing you to see using its senses and communicate with it telepathically. During this time your real body is considered blinded and deafened.

After 10 minutes (or if it is reduced to 0 hit points) the primordial agent vanishes entirely. Once you have summoned it you cannot summon it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Primordial Agent Advancement

The following guides are used when determining the statistics of your primordial agent.

  • Armor Class: The primordial agent’s AC is equal to 14 + your proficiency bonus.
  • Hit Points: The primordial agent has 5 hit points plus 5 times your Warlock level. The primordial agent has a number of hit dice equal to your Warlock level, which are d8s if summoned as a medium creature, d10s if summoned as large and d12s if summoned as huge.
  • Saving Throws: the primordial agent shares your saving throw proficiencies, and uses your proficiency bonus.
  • Damage Immunities: the primordial agent has immunity to its associated damage type, chosen through your planar orientation feature.
  • Elemental Vortex: This feature uses your Warlock spell save DC, and its damage is a number of d6s equal to half your Warlock level (rounded down) plus your proficiency bonus, using the damage type you picked through your planar orientation.

Improved Primordial Agent

6th-level Cataclysmic feature

Your primordial agent gains the following improvements:

  • It becomes a large creature whenever you summon them if you wish them to be, and their hit dice are d10s instead of d8s when large.
  • Its slam damage increases by 1d8 (to a total of 2d8)
  • The agent can make a second slam attack as part of their multiattack.
  • The agent gains one of the following movement modes with speed equal to its base movement speed – fire or lightning: fly (hover); cold: swim; poison: burrow.
  • The agent can use its elemental vortex feature as an action, then cannot do so again until the next time it is summoned. You can also choose to expend a pact spell slot to have it use this feature again after the first use.

Synced Actions

10th-level Cataclysmic feature

You and your primordial agent become intuitively connected. You gain the following benefits: When you use your action to cast a spell or take the Attack action, you can use your bonus action to command your primordial agent to move up its remaining movement and make a single slam attack against a creature within range. If your primordial agent is within 5 feet of you, you are considered to have half cover. If you share a space with it you are considered to have three-quarters cover.

Two as One

10th-level Cataclysmic feature

As an action you can step into your primordial agent’s space, merging with it. You are considered to have total cover.

You must see and hear through the agent’s senses instead of your own but can cast Warlock spells through your primordial agent as if it were you, requiring the usual actions.

You cannot use magic items or other class features while merged with it. If an effect targets you, it targets the primordial agent instead. If the agent dies, you are shunted to an unoccupied space within 5 feet of it that you choose, taking any damage from the killing blow which exceeds the agent’s hit points. While merged your body temporarily ceases to exist, allowing the agent to move through small spaces as it normally could.

Greater Primordial Agent

14th-level Cataclysmic feature

Your primordial agent becomes yet more powerful, gaining the following improvements:

  • It can become a huge creature whenever you summon them, if you wish. In this case, their HD becomes d12s when huge.
  • Its slam damage increases by another d8 (to a total of 3d8).
  • The agent can make a third slam attack as part of their multiattack.
  • The agent can make its slam attack as a ranged weapon attack with a range of 40 feet by firing its element or part of its body at its target.
  • The agent remains summoned for up to 1 hour before vanishing.
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