Circle of Augury

The augurs of Rome were a highly respected class of prophets integrated into many facets of Roman life. All major functions, both personal and political, were required to go through the augurs if that matter was of great importance. The augur’s primary method of divining the omens was examining the movement of birds in the sky, primarily at night. They also took other factors into account such as the feeding habits of Mars’ sacred chickens, the presence of lightning and thunder, and other peculiar events. Most importantly, an augur would guide Rome through impossible decision-making through wisdom and interpretation. These were the ways that the gods would make their will known to man. It is your job to listen, interpret, and guide mankind.

Avian Familiarity

Starting at 2nd level, you have created a deep bond with the flying creatures of nature. When choosing a form for Wild Shape, you may choose a creature with a flying speed. Additionally, add the following spells to your spell list.

Reading the Auspices

Starting at 6th level, when you cast the Augury spell, the breadth of knowledge you receive is far greater. The spell may now apply not only to your actions, but the actions of those in the surrounding area as wide as a city. Additionally, the time frame of these actions is now 24 hours. This allows you to determine the omens for a king whose army marches to their doom or an artisan pondering if he made a worthy investment. Additionally, the chance for random results is only a cumulative 10 percent.

Venerated Seer

Starting at 10th level, you are practiced at gaining the respect and trust of your peers as a wise sage. You may add your Wisdom modifier to any Persuasion checks made to gain an individual’s trust.

Amongst the Clouds

Starting at 14th level, your mystical connection to animals in flight has allowed you greater insight and power. If you would ever fall far enough that you would take damage, the spell Feather Fall immediately activates and does not consume a spell slot. This can happen even if you are unconscious. While examining the skies, you are able to project your senses out and see through the eyes of birds. This effect lasts for one minute. After you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you take a long rest.

Augury Spells
Class Level Spells
2nd feather fall, sanctuary
3rd augury, levitate
5th clairvoyance, fly
7th arcane eye, dimension door
9th dream, legend lore
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