Circle of Blight

Blight druids are a recent phenomenon, and just as most druids are anabaguas, most blight druids are anabaguas as well. No one truly knows if blight druids have to do with the actual Blight affecting the anabaguas, however, they are called as such because the blight druids are killing the land just as the war and imbalance of the elements is likely the cause of The Blight, thereby causing large portions of the land to grow sick.

Blight Field

At 2nd level, you gain resistance to necrotic damage. In addition, whenever you would deal damage to a creature with a spell, you can instead choose to deal necrotic damage rather than the normal damage type.

You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier. When you run out of uses of this ability, you lose your resistance to necrotic damage. You regain all expended uses when you complete a long rest as well as your resistance to necrotic damage if you lost it.


At 2nd level, as a reaction when you would cast a spell that has a duration of concentration, you can defile the world around you in order to extend the spell’s effects. By defiling the land out to a range of 10 feet per level of the spell, you can extend the spell’s effects for 1 round per level of the spell without having to concentrate on the spell. During this time, you are free to concentrate on other spells while the empowered spell’s effects still occur. You cannot use this ability when you would blight land that has already been blighted. Land that has been blighted cannot sustain flora or fauna for 100 years while the land recovers. Using this ability is an evil act.

Stolen Life

Starting at 6th level, whenever you damage a creature with a spell, it takes an additional 1d6 points of necrotic damage. You regain hit points equal to half the damage dealt to the creature with a minimum of 1 damage regained.

Unnatural Physiology

At 10th level, you gain advantage on the spells and abilities of fey and plants and have advantage on all attack rolls made to hit these creatures.

Blighted Life

At 14th level, you gain immunity to necrotic damage that is not lost when you run out of uses of your Blight Field ability. Furthermore, you subtly steal energy from the world, thus becoming immune to aging effects and stop aging naturally.

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