Circle of Configuration

Some life is made of wire and steel, rather than flesh and bone. Druids who find credence in this notion join the Circle of Configuration and shun all ties to nature, aligning themselves instead with constructs and machines. Some do this because construct forms offer superior strength and adaptability compared to that of beasts.

Others, however, believe that constructs represent a higher form of life, for constructs are ageless, designed with a clear intent, and are made to be free of hunger, thirst, and disease.

Machine Code

Starting when you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain the ability to speak the native code-language of machines. You can use this language to interact with arcane terminals and ship computers from range and to communicate with constructs, even if you don’t share a language.

Construct Form

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to use Wild Shape on your turn as a bonus action, rather than an action. However, you lose the ability to assume the shape of a beast. Instead, you can use it to take a Construct Form.

While in your Construct Form, you can use your bonus action to switch into a Configuration or to switch your current Configuration into another one. You have the following Configuration options:

  • Juggernaut Configuration. Your Armor Class increases by 2. Whenever you take bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, you can subtract 2 from the damage taken. Additionally, your Photon Cannon is replaced by the following:
  • Repulsor Gauntlet. Melee Weapon Attack. Your spell attack bonus to hit, one target. Hit. 8 (1d10 + 3) force damage.
  • Mobile Configuration. Your speed increases to 40 feet and opportunity attacks against you have disadvantage. Additionally, while in this configuration, you have a 40-foot climbing speed and a 40-foot swimming speed. Additionally, at 8th level, you gain a 40-foot flying speed.
  • Turret Configuration. Your movement speed becomes 0 while in this configuration. Additionally, when you use the Attack action on your turn, you can make one additional attack as a bonus action. Lastly, your Photon Cannon is replaced by the following:
  • Photon Turret. Ranged Weapon Attack. Your spell attack bonus to hit, range 60/180 ft., one target. Hit. 11 (2d10) radiant damage.

Additionally, starting at 6th level, while transformed in any Configuration, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Construct Form

Medium construct, neutral
Armor Class 15 (natural armor)
Hit Points 25 (15 + 5 × your druid level) Speed 30 ft.

16 (+3) 16 (+3) 14 (+2) 6 (−2) 10 (+0) 8 (−1)

Condition Immunities charmed, poisoned
Senses passive Perception 10

Special Traits

  • Constructed Nature. You don’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.


  • Photon Cannon. Ranged Weapon Attack: Your spell attack bonus to hit, range 60/180 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (2d8) radiant damage.

Speaker of Steel

At 6th level, your empathy for constructs allows you to persuade their programming to your side. As a result, constructs can be charmed by you, even if they would otherwise be immune to being charmed. Additionally, if you cast the animal friendship spell, you can target a construct with the spell.

Stalker Configuration

Starting at 10th level, you gain a Configuration optimized for stealth and subterfuge. As a bonus action, you can activate a cloaking device to temporarily warp the light around you and hide yourself from view. You become invisible until the beginning of your next turn, or until you make an attack, or cast a spell. Once you use this ability, you can’t use it again on the following round.

Additionally, you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks while in this form and you gain the following action, in addition to your Photon Cannon:

  • Antimatter Dagger. Melee Weapon Attack. Your spell attack bonus to hit, one target. Hit: 5 (1d4 + 3) necrotic damage. Once per turn, you deal an extra 14 (4d6) damage if you have advantage on the attack roll, or if the target is within 5 feet of one of your allies that isn’t incapacitated and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Mecha Transformation

Starting at 14th level, you can use your action to switch to an empowered version of your Juggernaut Configuration: a towering Mecha Configuration. While in this form, you have all the benefits of being in your Juggernaut Configuration, except you retain your photon cannon attack option and you subtract 4 from all damage you take, instead of 2. In addition, you become Large size, have advantage on Strength checks and saving throws, and can use your bonus action to make two melee weapon additional attacks when you take the Attack action. You can remain in this configuration for up to 10 minutes. Once you enter this configuration, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

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Dark Matter Copyright 2019, Mage Hand Press, LLC; authors Michael Holik, Jaron Mortimer, Benjamin Richardson, Matthew Pennell, Jason Sinclair