Circle of Gaia

Greek druids act as advisors and representatives of Gaia, the ancient mother goddess of all the Olympic pantheon.

They wander at will, beholden to none and feared by even hierei of Zeus. As a result, Greek druids have a great deal of influence in other cultures and strike more than a little fear in the hearts of the superstitious. It’s one thing to invoke Zeus’ wrath…but what if you anger his mother?

Druids are best known for their ability to influence the elements of nature, be it weather, flora, or fauna. They are also valuable in lands where there is no Greek law. Their divine spells and shapeshifting abilities are an asset to all who seek their companionship and a bane to their enemies.

Druids can range from fanatical judges of law and order to benevolent mendicants to insane, muttering anarchists.

It all depends on the will of the natural force they worship.

Greek Druids disdain Hierei (after all, their goddess birthed the Hiereus’ pantheon) but tolerate them. They have a begrudging respect for the Pharmakis, who shares a connection with the wild things of the land. All other classes are expected to recognize a Druid’s authority.

In all other respects treat the Circle of Gaia as the Circle of the Land.

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