Circle of Oaks

There is power in the ancient trees of the world—a quiet, abiding power. Those who live among trees, like the elves, are aware of this power, and they treat it with respect, even reverence. Some druids learn to tap into this power.

These are the members of the Circle of Oaks. By suffusing themselves with the vitality and strength of the ancient green, they can perform mighty feats. Although they commonly hail from the ancient forests of the world, Circle of Oaks druids can be found anywhere there are trees of sufficient age from which to draw power.

Circle of Oaks Spells
Druid Level Spells
3rd locate animals or plants, pass without trace
5th plant growth, speak with plants
7th conjure woodland beings, locate creature
9th awaken, tree stride

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose the Circle of Oaks at 2nd level, you learn the tree heal cantrip. Members of your circle often touch each tree as they stroll through a wooded area, just in case the tree might be in need of assistance.

Forest Binding

Starting at 2nd level, you can request to be bound to a specific forest, gaining access to additional spells. This binding is conditional upon the good will of the forest and is never given automatically. Typically, the forest requires a service of you before binding you to it. Such service might include replanting trees in an area destroyed by war or fire, eliminating a great pestilence within the forest, removing certain contaminants from the forest’s borders, or opposing an enemy of the forest. While you are bound to a forest, as long as you are on the same plane as that forest, you gain an additional spell slot of each level of druid spell you can cast (1st level and higher).

Tree Step

Starting at 6th level, you can spend half your movement to magically step into a tree and transport yourself through it and out of another tree of the same kind within 60 feet, reappearing in a space of your choice within 5 feet of the destination tree. You can use this feature twice when you reach 10th level, and three times at 14th level, when the range becomes 120 feet. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Might of the Oak

At 10th level, you can expend two uses of Wild Shape at the same time to transform into a tree-like humanoid, similar to a treant, though not as powerful. While in this form, you are a Large plant, and you have the following statistics:

AC 15
Hit Points 10d10 + 50
Speed 30 ft.

Strength 22 (+6); Dexterity 9 (–1); Constitution 20 (+5)
Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing
Damage Vulnerabilities fire

Special Qualities

  • False Appearance While you remain motionless, you are indistinguishable from a tree.


  • Multiattack You make two slam attacks.
  • Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (2d8 + 5) bludgeoning damage
  • Rock. Ranged Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, range 60/180 ft., one target. Hit: 21 (3d10 + 5) bludgeoning damage.

Rouse The Grove

At 14th level, you can use an action on your turn to stir the trees around you, bringing them to your aid. All trees within 60 feet of you become animated, their roots churning the earth and their branches whipping and slashing. All spaces within 15 feet of a tree are considered difficult terrain for your enemies, but not for you or your allies. A creature concentrating on a spell that starts its turn in one of the affected spaces must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC or lose concentration on the spell.

Also, you can use a bonus action on your turn to cause one affected tree to strike a creature within 15 feet of it with a branch. Make an attack roll, using your spellcasting ability modifier as a bonus to the roll. On a hit, the creature takes 4d6 bludgeoning damage. You can use this feature for a number of rounds equal to your druid level; these rounds need not be consecutive. You regain the full use of this feature when you finish a long rest.

If this feature is used underground, beneath an area where trees grow, the effect is the same, except it is the trees’ roots that burst through walls into rooms or tunnels, producing the same effects. If the GM decides the area is too far underground or is otherwise unsuitable for this feature to be used, it has no effect.

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