Circle of the Crimson Abyss

When one thinks of druids, one normally thinks of the deep woods, forbidding mountains, thick jungles, or other landlocked locales, but druids are found not only on the land, but also sailing the high seas of Scarn. Some adventure with pirate and privateers, others explore the sea for many reasons known only to them, and the creatures they commune with beneath the waves. Regardless of reason, their usefulness on board ships made of wood are undeniable and their company most welcome on board most ships. There are of course exceptions as some druids pursue darker goals such as finding ways to harness the power of the titan blood infused in the Blood Sea.

One with the Shallows

At 3rd level, you gain a swim speed of 20. In addition, you can hold your breath underwater for a number of minutes equal to 10 + your Constitution modifier (minimum of 10 minutes). Lastly, you always have advantage on any save or ability check to resist the abilities of creatures with the aquatic subtype and can use speak with animals on any aquatic creature at will.

Form of the Kraken

At 6th level, you can expend one use of wild shape to grow tentacles and fins out of your body while otherwise retaining your own form.

You grow two tentacles while in this form. The tentacles have 10-foot reach regardless of your size, and you are proficient with them. You can use your action to make a physical attack with your tentacles causing 1d6+Wisdom modifier damage.

You can use your bonus action on the same turn to make a secondary physical attack with your tentacles, causing 1d6 damage.

You also gain advantage on all strength-based skill checks and saves while in this form. In addition, you gain squid-like fins that increase your swim speed by 10 feet.

At 11th level, the reach increases to 15 feet and the damage from each tentacle increases to 1d8 and swim speed increases by 20 feet. At 17th level, the reach increases to 20 feet and the damage from each tentacle increases to 1d10 and swim speed increase by 30 feet.

One with the Deep

At 10th level, your base swim speed increases to 40. In addition, you can now breathe water the same as breathing air. In addition, any time you take an aquatic form (including Form of the Kraken) when using your wild shape, you turn as a bonus action rather than an action and you can now expend two uses of wild shape take the form of a water elemental. Lastly, you can ignore the Max. CR on the beast shapes chart in the Player’s Handbook when taking aquatic forms. You can instead transform into an aquatic beast with a challenge rating as high as your druid level divided by three, rounded down.

Shepherd of the Sea

At 14th level, you have learned to use your magic to master the beasts of the sea. You can cast the Animal Friendship and Beast Bond spells at will on aquatic creatures.

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