Circle of the Deep Herds

While the gnorri can travel above the waves, most spend their entire lives underwater, and some gnorri have found the ocean a source of tremendous spiritual support. These gnorri have developed druidic traditions that embrace a life in the ocean wilds and favor alliances and bonds with natural creatures of the deep. As champions of the Dreamlands’ natural wonders under the sea, these gnorri druids oppose the corruption and monstrous horrors that lurk in their realms or ply the waves above. The circle of the deep herds bears particular rage against the denizens of Leng, who sail above the circle’s realms, hunt the animals with abandon, and pollute the waters with the foul remnants of their sacrifices. While the vast majority of druids of the circle of the deep herds are gnorri, there’s nothing that prevents druids of other races from joining this circle. Gnorri view non-gnorri deep herders with a combination of curiosity and skepticism, but this often blossoms into legitimate alliance or even friendship. Non-gnorri druids of this circle who disrespect the gnorri are effectively disrespecting the sea and its natural order, and such druids swiftly find themselves among the ex-members of their sect, their position in society forfeit.

Aquatic Wild Shape

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you specialize your wild shape ability to focus on aquatic forms. You can ignore the maximum challenge rating limit for wild shape as long as you assume the form of a beast with a swimming speed and a challenge rating no higher than onethird your druid level (rounded down, minimum 1).

Starting at 6th level, you can use wild shape to assume the form of an elemental with a swimming speed and challenge rating no higher than one-third your druid level (rounded down).

Speaker in the Depths

Also at 2nd level, you always have animal friendship, create or destroy water, and speak with animals prepared.

They don’t count against your number of spells prepared.

You can cast them without somatic components.

Horrors of the Deep

Starting at 6th level, you are inured to fear by glimpsing the terrors of the deep. You always have advantage on initiative rolls as well as on saving throws against confusion and spells and effects that would give you dread, the frightened condition, madness, or insanity.

Deep Visionary

Starting at 10th level, you have fog cloud and control water prepared without counting against your number of spells prepared and can cast them without somatic components.

Aquatic Maneuvers

Also at 10th level, you can take advantage of minute currents to bolster your reflexes and movement. Your swimming speed increases by 10 feet. Your walking speed also increases by 10 feet if you start your turn in water or on a wet surface. You have advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks while swimming or on a wet surface.

At 14th level, your swimming speed increases by another 10 feet, as does your walking speed if you start your turn in water or on a wet surface.

Freedom of the Sea

At 14th level, your movement is almost effortless underwater.

While moving in water or over wet surfaces, you treat difficult terrain as normal terrain and you ignore the effects of moving water or magical effects that would reduce your speed, move you, knock you prone, paralyze you, or restrain you. When underwater and within 10 minutes of leaving the water, you can spend 5 feet of movement to automatically escape from nonmagical restraints and grapples.

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