Circle of the Dragon

Druids who choose the Circle of the Dragon revere these creatures as the ultimate representatives of elemental power, the very incarnation of the forces of nature to be revered and respected. Those druids who choose this path are destined to attempt the Binding with a dragon at some point during their career, though as with other archetypes, neither they nor the dragon know it until they meet.

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain one additional cantrip. This cantrip can be from any list, but must be associated with one form of energy: acid, cold, fire, lightning or poison.

This choice reflects the dragon with whom you are destined to Bind, and all future effects from this circle will relate to the same energy type. The cantrip is considered a druid spell to you.

Improved Wild Shape

At 2nd level you also gain an improvement to your wild shape.

You may assume forms up to a max CR of 1/2. At 4th level you may assume forms up to CR 1 and which have a flying speed, and at 8th level you may assume forms with a CR of up to 2.

You may also at 8th level use Wild Shape to transform into a dragonborn of the same type as your dragon patron. However, all of the normal restrictions for wild shape still apply; despite the fact that dragonborn can speak and have opposable thumbs, for example, you still cannot cast spells in this form. Unlike normal dragonborn, while in this shape you gain the option to make a claw attack or a bite attack, both dealing 1d6 damage and with which you are proficient, and you increase your existing AC by 2. Your claw and bite do not give you additional bonus actions; they are simply additional attack options.

Circle Spells

Your mystical connection to the essence of dragonkind grants you additional spells as you increase in level. These spells count as druid spells to you, you always have them prepared, and they do not count against your maximum number of spells per day.

Druid Level Spells
3 Acid arrow, scorching ray
5 Fly, lightning bolt
7 Dominate beast, ice storm
9 Cone of cold, cloudkill

Elemental Resistance

At 6th level, you gain resistance against the type of energy you chose at second level when you entered this circle. In addition, any time you succeed at a saving throw against this type of energy which would normally result in half or reduced damage, you instead take no damage. You are also immune to conditions related to that damage type, if any.

Protection From Dragons

At 10th level, you gain mystical protection against dragons.

You are not subject to the effects of their fearful presence, you gain advantage on all saving throws against draconic attacks and magic, and dragons suffer disadvantage on attacks against you. Your saving throw advantage includes any saving throws for the effects of a dragon’s lair on the surrounding environs. This ability does provide protection against dragonborn.

Draconic Empathy

Beginning at 14th level, dragons are loathe to attack you. When a dragon or dragonborn attempts to do so, it must make a Wisdom saving throw against your druid spell save DC. On a failed save, the creature must choose a different target, or the attack automatically misses. On a successful save, the creature is immune to this effect for 24 hours.

The Binding

When you reach 17th level, you are inexorably called to find the dragon with whom you are destined to Bind. You see the creature in your dreams and are guided through natural signs and means towards its lair, where the process of Binding will begin.

It may take several more levels of adventuring before you find the dragon, but at this stage, the calling occurs.

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