Circle of the Mushroom

Druids of the circle of the mushroom are mellow protectors of the fungal jungles. Their order gathers amid clouds of spores, stumbling through the deepest, most toxic clouds, sustained by visions of strange alternate realities, the very essence that ties these druids to a nature both more wondrous and strange than regular mortals can perceive.

Truth of the Mushrooms

Starting at 2nd level, when you fail an Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throw, you can take your reaction to escape into the psychotropic visions that have become second nature to you. Instead of being subjected to the usual effects that prompted the saving throw, roll d10 on Table: Hallucinogenic Visions:

Table: Hallucinogenic Visions
d10 Behavior
1 You use all your movement to move in a random direction. To determine the direction, roll a d8 and assign a direction to each die face. You can‘t take any other action this turn.
2–3 You don‘t move or take actions this turn, instead becoming entranced by the translucent, rococo patterns you see covering every nearby surface.
4–5 You become charmed by the creature.
6–7 You must succeed on your choice of either a Dexterity or Wisdom saving throw against your own spell save DC on each of your turns for the duration or fall prone.
8–9 You become confused, hallucinating crawling swarms of insects on yourself and others.
10 Suffering only mild hallucinations, you can act and move normally.

Your behavior persists until the end of your next turn. Once you have used this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

You also become proficient in your choice two of the following skills: Insight, Medicine, Nature, Stealth or Survival. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make using either of those skills chosen.

Wild Shape: Explosive Caps

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Wild Shape on your turn as a bonus action to grow special, magically imbued explosive mushroom caps on yourself.

Explosive caps are drawn as part of the Attack action.

You gain a total number of explosive caps equal to twice your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier.

Explosive caps last for 1 day or until you complete a long rest before withering and becoming inert. Thrown explosive caps detonate and cannot be salvaged after combat. You treat explosive caps as simple ranged weapons with the finesse and thrown (range 20/60) properties. You are proficient with explosive caps.

Explosive caps deal your proficiency bonus times 1d6 points of force damage on a successful hit. While in this mushroom-growing form, you can expend one spell slot to regain 1 use of explosive caps per level of the spell slot expended.

Flurry of Mushrooms

At 6th level, you can use your magic to allow you to throw devastating clusters of detonating mushroom caps. Immediately after you take the Attack action to attack with explosive caps on your turn, you can expend spell slots as a bonus action to make an additional attack with an explosive cap as a bonus action. For every 2 levels of spell slots you expend, you may make one such additional attack as part of the bonus action. You may expend a maximum number of spell slots in one such bonus action equal to your proficiency bonus.

Mushroom Immunity

Also at 6th level, continuous exposure to fungus-based toxins and hallucinogens has changed your body. You become immune to all poisons and diseases based on fungi. Additionally, you gain advantage on all saving throws to resist the effects of plant-based toxins and drugs.

Spell-powered Caps

At 10th level, you can expend spell slots to enhance your explosive caps as part of making an attack with an explosive cap. You gain a number of cap-points equal to the level of the spell slot you expended, which you can use to modify the respective attack.

  • 1 point: Increase the damage your cap inflicts by +1d6 force damage, up to a maximum of your proficiency bonus times 1d6.
  • 1 point: Aerodynamic caps. Increase the range of your mushrooms by (+10/+30), up to a maximum of (+30/+90).
  • 1 point: Obscuring cloud. You generate a spore cloud centered on you that obscures sight at though it were a fog cloud.
  • 2 points: Hallucinogenic Cap. When you throw an explosive cap, it detonates and leaves behind a wispy 5-ft.-cloud of spores that lasts until the end of your next turn. A target hit must save against you spell save DC or roll on the hallucinogenic visions table.
  • 2 points: Increase the duration of your hallucinogenic cap’s spore cloud by 1 round, allowing you to affect up to potentially affect more creatures (those that walk through the cloud) with hallucinogenic visions.

Explosive Belch

By 14th level, your body has adjusted to the destructive potential of your own explosive caps. You can, as an action on your turn, eat an explosive cap and generate a small, volatile burp, that emits in a 15-foot-cone from your mouth. All creatures within this area must succeed a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take damage as though they were hit by your explosive cap. Creatures that successfully save against your burp instead take half damage.

Alternatively, you may stuff 5 explosive caps into your mouth, generating a massive 60-foot-cone originating from your mouth. All creatures within this area must succeed a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take damage as though they were hit by your explosive cap. Creatures that successfully save against your burp instead take half damage. This amount of explosive caps does take its total on your body, though—you suffer from disadvantage on all ability checks and your speed is halved until the end of your next turn after eating 5 caps at once.

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