Circle of the Obelisk

The Circle of the Obelisk seeks to evolve lower lifeforms by channeling the mysterious power of an artifact known as the Obelisk. Black like the ichor between stars, this strange, rectangular prism has magically appeared throughout the cosmos, landing on primitive worlds and imbuing their inhabitants with the spark of knowledge. Druids of this circle believe that the Obelisk is responsible for all true evolution, and directly shaped all intelligent life in the universe; yet, very little is known about it.

These druids seek to find the Obelisk’s current location, unravel its mysteries, and raise themselves to a higher evolutionary state.


Starting at 2nd level, you have a pool of 4 Evolution Dice, which are d4s, that you can use to raise yourself and your allies to greater power. As a bonus action on your turn, you can choose a willing creature you can see within 60 feet, spend 1 Evolution Die, and roll it. You increase one of that creature’s ability scores of your choice by the amount rolled, to a maximum of 20, for 1 minute. A creature can have only 1 ability score increased by this ability at a time. You regain all expended Evolution Dice when you finish a long rest.

Transient Awakening

At 6th level, you can bestow limited sentience on a lower form of life. You can cast the spell speak with animals or speak with plants without using a spell slot. Once you use this ability, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Superior Health

Beginning at 10th level, your biology is impeccable; immune to the ravages of lesser beasts. You gain immunity to one of the following conditions of your choice: blinded, deafened, or poisoned. You can change this selection when you take a long rest.

High Evolutionary

By 14th level, you have reached the pinnacle of your form. Each of your ability scores increase by 2, to a maximum of 20.

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