Circle of the Spirits

The circle of the spirits focuses on the spirits of woods, rivers, animals, and other natural features. To them the entire world is composed of mundane mater underlain by spiritual matter, or perhaps the material world is just a representation of the immaterial abode of the spirits. Theirs is not a tie to land or lineage, but a bond with the very spirits of world.

Spirit Companion

Beginning at 2nd level when you choose this circle, you may summon forth a spirit of nature. The nature spirit inhabits a prepared object, usually your druidic focus, but can also inhabit your body. If the spirit companion inhabits an object you must have the object on your person or in your hand in order to gain the benefits of the spirit companion, but you can pass the object to another person so that they can temporarily (for your Wisdom modifier in minutes) gain the abilities of the spirit companion. If the spirit companion inhabits your body you have advantage on death saves, however the spirit companion imposes certain weakness on you.

Your spirit companion allows you to communicate with animals of its species (used broadly, for example the wolf spirit grants these abilities with all canines) as with the speak with animals spell, and if you cast animal friendship on a creature of your spirit companion’s species it has disadvantage on the saving throw against the spell. Additionally, if you assume a form using wild shape of your spirit companion’s species, treat your druid level as if it were 8 for purposes of determining the limitations of your wild shape form. Each spirit companion grants additional other features.

  • Bear The bear is ferocious and mighty, but at times lethargic. Bear spirits grant advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks, and you add your Wisdom modifier to damage caused by attacks. If the bear inhabits your body you spend 8 hours to take a long rest.
  • Eagle The eagle is a perceptive hunter, soaring on outspread wings over mountain and forest, but is vain and overly proud. The eagle spirit grants you advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks, and a fly speed for a number of minutes equal to your Wisdom modifier. These minutes must be used in 1-minute increments and you regain lost minutes following a long rest. If the eagle inhabits your body you must spend at least an hour a day preening and grooming yourself.
  • Elk Noble in bearing and lordly in demeanor, the majestic elf is a swift and agile foe, but is prone to haughtiness and cannot abide liars. The spirit of the elk grants you advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks, and your speed increases by 10 feet. If the elk inhabits your body you have disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, Charisma (Deception) checks, and when using disguise kits.
  • Fox A cunning trickster, the fox spirit is fast and sneaky, but overly fond of tricks and games. Fox spirits grant you advantage on Charisma (Deception) checks and you leave no tracks behind you in a natural environment. Should you allow the fox to inhabit your body, its inherent trickiness does not allow you to take the aid action.
  • Owl Wise, perceptive, and knowledgeable, the owl sees all, but is famed for keeping its secrets to itself. Owl spirits grant advantage on Intelligence (Nature) checks, and you gain darkvision 60 ft, and if you already have darkvision then your darkvision increases by 30 ft. If you let the owl into your body, you may not take a long rest during the day.
  • Snake Slithery, sneaky, deceitful, the snake is known for many things, yet most forget it is also a great healer. The spirit of the snake grants advantage on Wisdom (Medicine) checks and you add you Wisdom modifier to any spells you cast that recover hit points. When the snake inhabits your body, it is obvious when you are lying and all others gain advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks made against you.
  • Wolf A social animal, the wolf is happiest when working with others, though sometimes this reliance on the pack leaves the lone hunter without support. The wolf grants advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, and you may use a bonus action to take the Aid action. When the wolf dwells within, you suffer disadvantage on all checks made without an ally within sight.

Totemic Enhancement

At 6th level, the bond between you and your spirit companion increases, granting you new abilities.

  • Bear The ferocity of the bear fills you and grants you protection from mundane threats. You may expend a use of your wild shape to gain resistance bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage for your Wisdom modifier in minutes.
  • Eagle The eagle swoops, strikes, and flies away. You may use a bonus action to take the Disengage action.
  • Elk The elk instills awe in all that behold it. You may expend a use of wild shape to cast the charm spell on any living creature.
  • Fox Wiley, the fox is never where you expect it to be. You may expand a use of wild shape to cast the dimension door spell.
  • Owl Silent as the moonlight, the owl drifts through the forest. You may expend a use of wild shape to cast the silence spell.
  • Snake The snake might be an ancient healer spirit, but it still has fangs. A number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier, you may inflict an additional 1d8 poison damage with a successful attack. This bonus damage increases to 2d8 at level 10, and 3d8 at level 15.
  • Wolf No wolf hunts alone, and neither should you. As long as you have an ally within 5 feet of a target, you and all allies have advantage on attack rolls against the target and the target has disadvantage on any saving throws from effects generated by you or your allies.

Allied Companion

Beginning at 10th level, you have attracted a second spirit companion, an ally of the one you already have. It may not inhabit the same object as the other; they each need their own home. You gain the benefits of the spirit companion feature for the new spirit companion.

Totemic Bond

At 14th level, you bond with your spirit companions increases. They no longer need to inhabit an object or your body, and you gain the benefits of the totemic enhancement feature for both spirit companions.

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