Circle of the Tree of Life

An ancient order devoted to nature in all its forms, druids nurture the land, protecting it from despoilers and destroyers. Druids do not usually join the churches of the other gods, for their temples are in the wilderness, their gods found in the beasts in the fields, the trees in the woods, and the stars in the sky. While some druids might have affinity with the old gods, most instead see themselves as servants of the Tree of Life from which all living things spring.

The circles of druids that tend to the Great Tree are shaped by the Tree of Life’s presence, their magical abilities cultivated to reflect not only nature’s verdant growth but also life, hope, and purity.

Table: The Tree of Life Circle
Druid Level Circle Spells
3rd aid, calm emotions
5th beacon of hope, revivify
7th conjure woodland beings, death ward
9th dispel evil and good, hallow
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