Circle of the Verdant Lord

Druids that follow the circle of the Verdant lords are masters of plant life. They adopt floral adaptations, becoming more plant-like as they progress in power.

Verdant Stride

At 2nd level, you can walk through normal and magical difficult terrain caused by plants with ease. Any such terrain never hinders your movement or causes damage.


At 6th level, you if spend at least 4 hours barefoot and in direct sunlight, you receive enough nourishment and rest to spend a Hit Die and regain hit points as though you had taken a short rest. If you spend 8 hours in this fashion, you gain the benefits of a long rest.

Plant Transformation

At 10th level, if you use Wild Shape to transform into a plant creature, you may transform into such a creature whose CR is up to 1/3rd your druid level. You also gain a natural armor class of 11.

Greater Plant Transformation

At 14th level, you acquire additional plant features beyond photosynthesis. Your skin may look waxy and carry a green (or greener) tint, or it may wrinkle and harden like bark and your hair may look like vines, 150 flower petals, or leaves that change color with the seasons. Your natural armor class improves to 14.

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